One Of My Own Vintage Items #01; Lady Dior Bag With Kimono

Hi everyone! In Tokyo, a cherry tree with blossoms that have started to fall and the leaves have started to grow. A few days ago, I posted a shower of cherry blossoms on my Instagram stories. Todya's photos were taken last week, and I styled this Lady Dior bag with kimono. I got this bag in 2009. I call some items which I got them over 10 years ago, "My Own Vintage Items".

みなさま、こんにちは。東京の桜は葉桜になりました。数日前はは桜吹雪がとってもきれいでした。一週間前は着物を着て近所の緑道を散歩しました。バッグはレディ ディオールです。保証書を見たら2009年と記されていましたので、ついに「マイ・ヴィンテージ」になりました。基準は10年以上。それでは、新シリーズ「マイ・ヴィンテージ」の魅力をごゆっくりお楽しみください♡

Diana, Princess of Wales loved Lady Dior bags. It is one of my favorite stories, so I purchaced a black Lady Dior bag on my 40th birthday. That cannage stitch goes well with kimono's patterns. The big handles show my hands slim and elegant, too. Additionally, it is the toughest bag in my bags. When I need motivation to work, I put it on my desk. Then, the bag always encourages me! When you can't enjoy fashion, your own vintage items perhaps give you a hint. If you are young and you don't have your vintage items, it is good to look for something that you want to make vintage in your closet. Whether it is high brand or unknown brand, you can decide your own vintage. Does it affect you? Do you feel excited with it? There are different ways to decide it depends on a person. I think that it is easier to think about a new outfit with trendy items than old items. When I feel like that I am a vintage woman, it is more difficult to do it. However impossible mission about fashion is motivating me always! How about you?? I will post about "My Own Vintage Items #2" someday! Have lovely weekend!!

ダイアナ元妃のお気に入りバッグ、レディ ディオール。今から10年前の40歳の誕生日プレゼントとして購入しました。「カナージュ(格子柄)」ステッチは着物の柄とも相性抜群。太いハンドルが手元を華奢に見せてくれるのも嬉しいです。さらに、わたしのバッグの中で一番頑丈。やる気が出ない日は机の上にちょこんと置いておくだけで、いい仕事をしよう!って気分になるんですよ。もしみなさまがこれから40代、50代になって、おしゃれに悩むことがあったらクローゼットの中のマイ・ヴィンテージ探しをしてみてください。きっといいヒントをくれるはず。マイ・ヴィンテージはハイブランドかどうかは関係なく、自分の人生に影響を与えてくれたものだったり、身につけなくても手元に置いておくだけで安心できるものだったり、人それぞれ違うもの。その大切な宝物をおしゃれにコーディネイトするのは、トレンドアイテムを組み合わせるよりも難しいです。自分自身もヴィンテージになってくるとさらにハードルが高くなりますが、わたしの場合はますます燃えてきます。みなさまはどうですか?それでは、また来週もお楽しみに♡

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  1. I love your vintage Lady Dior and your kimono too!
    Those pics are adorable!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  2. For me personally Lady Dior is most beautiful bag and I hope so that one day I will include it in my collection. I really like your bag and your photos with spring blossom are amazing.

    New Post -

  3. A combination of a classic handbag and a traditional outfit, plus those flowering trees - brilliant!

  4. Lady Dior bag is beautiful and classical. It will always look great with every outfit because it has that timeless elegance. I like how you styled it with your beautiful kimono. You look so elegant and stylish. I also like your tote bag with your art.
    I have a few vintage items in my closet. I even have some items from back when I was a child that have become vintage now.

  5. This is such a classy, ladylike bag and I agree, no matter the age it always looks good! It's such a nice touch with your outfit and the tree is a beautiful backdrop! I have a few vintage bags, they are all so special to me and I feel lucky to have them! Clothes are trickier as I don't fit the ones I wore 10 years ago, but accessories always stand the test of time, haha!

    Hope that you had a wonderful Easter :) We had a great day celebrating with family.

    Away From The Blue

  6. Hello Akiko, I hope you're enjoying Spring in Tokyo! Actually I would love to visit Tokyo but specially during March or April to see all the sakura flowers! Here we have a few (almendros) but not as beautiful as in Japan *_* Those pictures are like a breath of fresh air!

    I adore the topic of the new series! Please bring more similar content!

    Actually I think it is better to spend a bit more money and get ourselves things that can last for more years, like a nice coat or vintage bags that can survive during many seasons.

    I did now that Lady Di used to love this bag and the design is so sophisticated and perfect, so nice that you're using as a motivation when you're feeling down or uninspired, the same happens to me and I like to get my perfume or my diptyque candle next to me at my desk to get inspired :) I've been thinking in adding an Acne Studios bag to my closet, saving some money.

    Oooh and you paired the bag with the most styling and beautiful kimono *_*

    Hey Fungi

  7. You look amazing my dear! Love your bag! 

  8. This vintage bag is so special and it will definitely always be in style.
    Always so lovely Akiko! Hope you're enjoying spring!🌸

  9. That Lady Dior bag look amazing. I like it so much. It is such a classic.

  10. What a fantastic bag, Akiko! A real treasure. And I enjoyed seeing the cherry trees bloom.


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