Welcome To My Mexican restaurant With Art by Adriana Robles

Hi everyone! I hope you are having great day! Long holiday in Japan start on 29th April, but the Tokyo governor probably declare a state of emergency again. However I am fine because a mexican restaurant at home make me feel excited and happy! It is so easy to decorate, and please see my pictures with Doritos!


How was my Mexican restaurant? Everyone can make it at your home soon. First, hang a Mexican art which you really love on a wall. Next, make Taco ingredients with Taco Kit. Lastly, put the ingredients on plates on a table. I added pink candles and green aloe. They are Mexican color, right? I styled a pink lingerie in a dress, too.These arts on the wall are made by Adriana Robles, and she is a talented artist beased in Los Angeles. We know each other on our blogs about five yeuars ago. Her drawing and paintings are so lovely, and they are always put a smile on my face. You can see her art works on her instagram! Anyway, this Taco Kit is so delicious. Usually, my son doesn't like my cooking, but he said, "Oh! Delicious!". The last picture is an entrance at home last month. I really love the place with the Godzilla by Adri in gorgeous flame and Christmas rose from my folower bed in a candle container. What kind of art do you love? What is your favorite food? have a lovey day<3


kenzo dress, H&H pendant and ring

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  1. Thanks for your sharing:) greetings from Turkey...

  2. Hey Akiko, hope you had a nice week and I hope you enjoy the long holiday too!

    Was nice to see the art of Adriana displayed at your wonderful and colorful house, honestly I always fell in love with your interiors and all the funny touches in every corner (like the cocodrile or the prehispanic interpretation of Godzilla).

    So nice that you liked the mexican dinner at home! Next time you can add a bit of guacamole (just smash an avocado with lime) and it will be even more delicious! Let me know if you try the recommendation of that Mexican restaurant in Tokyo!

    All the best and happy weekend,
    Hey Fungi

  3. I wish to be there :-) In Europe restaurants are still closed...

  4. I love mexican food and the culture Akiko. Here in my city we have some awesome mexican places.
    Love how you turned your home into this theme. So fun!


  5. Oh, so interesting! I've never tasted Mexican food !

  6. Such a cool idea Akiko! I love Mexican food!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  7. Interior is amazing and these piece of art are so beautiful. Enjoy in mexican food.

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  8. Ahh, I absolutely love this idea! Such a beautiful way of decorating the dining area and I love these cute illustrations. They are so colorful and unique xx


  9. You did a great time recreating a Mexican restaurant at your home. I see that some commentators think you were really in a Mexican restaurant. That shows how successful you were in creating a restaurant feel in your home. It is great that you were successful in the cooking part and that your son liked your Mexican cuisine.
    The art you framed from your friend is wonderful. I'm really happy to learn about this artist. I like Mexican music, culture, art...and everything! Right now we are restricted in our travel options but we can still travel with our imagination.
    You look beautiful in this maxi dress! Such a lovely styling!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

  10. Interesting place, and you have wonderful dress!

  11. I love the new look of the blog! And the pink dress is fantastic, perfect for spring.


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