How To Wear A Lovely Crop Top

Hi everyone! I hope you will have a wonderful day! Today's blog is about this lovely crop top from LPA on Revolve, and it is our collaboration. I wanted to show around my waist, but I wore high-rise pants for my son. He doesn't like revealing clothes, so he must not take a photo when I wear them... Anyway, enjoy our shooting :)


I really love the shirring of this crop top from LPA because I can wear it as a bralette. These ruffle of the hem hides the waist, so it encourages us whenever we feel shy. Additionally, the cloth of cotton material feels so good, I bet I will wear it many times this summer! For that reasons, I drew mixing and matching fashion illustrations, too!

This outfit is so great for rainy day or extremely hot day!
梅雨も猛暑も万能スタイル。大雨予想の日はレインシューズをAnine Bingのバッグに。
1,Bottega Veneta sunglasses/ 2.LPA top/ 3.Amanda Uprichard blazer/ 4.Agolde jeans/ 5.Larroude shoes/ 6. Anine Bing tote bag

I found LPA has a lovely matching set. It is the crop top and shorts. The set look so realaxing for our nap with gorgeous facial mask.
1.111SKIN mask 2.LPA top/ 3.LPA shorts 4.Funboy barbie plane 5.Funboy meshlounger

I gathered these beautiful itemes to dress up at home on special days without high heels.

1.Kosas bronzer/ 2.Anais Candle man in sculpture/ 3.Ranjana Khan earrings/ 4.LPA top/ 5.Paris Georgia skirt/ 6.Kosas lipstick/

Lastly, I will share Revolve 10% OFF coupon coad with you! You can use it as many as you want. Enjoy Shopping!! Coupon Coad: TULIP

最後に、Revolveでお使いいただけるクーポンコードのお知らせです。 使用回数制限がなく、お買い物時は毎回利用できるクーポンコード!


合計から10% OFFの割引が適応されます。 使用回数制限はなく、お買い物時は毎回ご利用いただけます。 それでは、また来週もお楽しみに♡


  1. I love crop tops, you look great ❤

  2. You look amazing :) thanks for your sharing...

  3. You are so beautiful and stylish... I love your cute top!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. I really love this top and how you styled it! You look gorgeous!

  5. A great look! I like the illustrations.

  6. wow, love all your illustrations showing different ways to wear a cropped top. You look great in this outfit with the black cropped top. Pairing it with high waist pants is such an awesome idea. Your shoes are very chic.

  7. I`m not bid fan of crop tops because my belly its not perfect.I must admit, however, that your top is really nice and the cut is perfect. Thanks to this cut and the combination with a well-chosen residue, your styling looks perfect :-)

  8. Hey Akiko, how you doing? I hope you're having a fantastic week!

    I loved this blog post because is full with fashion, places in Tokyo, a bit of food (that Starbucks sandwich + coffee looks good) and illustrations! Honestly you're really good at telling stories through images and not only showing the look.... congratulations for all these amazing images that are really linked to the concept you want to talk about :)

    I loved the latest illustration with the KOSAS make up, also the one offering a relaxing mood after a busy day!

    You look fantastic in the crop top, it is a casual piece but that can be used in formal situations or to walk around the city :)


  9. You look absolutely lovely, dear Akiko! I happen to be a big fan of crop tops too. Yours suits you so well. Beautiful illustrations! xx



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