The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Hi everybody! How are you? We have a 4-day weekendin Japan, and The Tokyo Summer Olympics began. I don't know about it well, so today's blog is about one of my favorite museum in Tokyo, The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum. I saw a beautiful exhibition there, RENÉ LALIQUE REMIX: Searching for Inspiration in the times.

みなさま、こんにちは!オリンピックが始まった四連休、いかがお過ごしでしょうか。私はずっと仕事ですので、連休前に少しお出かけしてきました。東京都庭園美術館の展覧会「ルネ・ラリック リミックスー時代のインスピレーションをもとめて」で優雅な時間を堪能。写真もたくさん撮らせていただきましたので、みなさまもぜひ、一緒に楽しんでくださいね!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum opened in 1983. It was built in 1933 using what was then the newest architectural style as the residence of Prince and Princess Asaka. Prince Asaka visited in France in the 1920s, and he had a traffic accident in France. His wife, Princess Nobuko knew about him, then she went to Paris. They stayed Paris for a few years. It seems so romantic! In addition, I knew about more exciting their story. Having attended Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (commonly known as the Art Deco exhibition) in1925, they were really into Art Deco! They decided to incorporate the style into their new residence, and they commissioned Henri Rapin, René Lalique, and other famous artists. René Lalique had never been to Japan. If he was still alive, he would be surprised to know his exhibiton held at the residence in Japan designed by him. A lot of flower vases and perfume botteles designed by him are so fasinating at the exhibition. First, we had lunch at a restaurant in the museum at 2 pm. After that we went to the exhibition at 3 pm, and we had tea at a cafe in the museum. It was weekday, so there are few people. I wore matching set which I fond on a sale. The material is jute. I don't have to wash it at home, but I washed. Fortunately it was not shrinked. Finally, those sandals got commfortable for my feet after I wore three times! It was a perfect day! How was your sandals? I hope you will fabulous day!!

東京都庭園美術館は、朝香宮夫妻の邸宅として1933(昭和8)年に建造されました。なぜ、こんなにも素晴らしいアール・デコ様式なのかというと、そのきっかけは、朝香宮鳩彦王のパリでの交通事故。鳩彦王は、急遽渡欧してくれた允子妃とフランスに長期滞在することになりました。ここまでの話だけでも映画のようにロマンティックで素敵なんですけど、さらにスケールの大きな展開になっていきます。1925年のアール・デコ博覧会を訪れた夫妻。すっかりアール・デコに魅せられて、自邸の建設を当時のフランスを代表する装飾美術家であるルネ・ラリックやアンリ・ラパンに依頼しました。今回の展覧会は、そのうちのお一人であるルネ・ラリックの作品展です。実はラリックは一度も来日していません。フランス語が堪能な允子妃は、今でいうリモート会議でこのプロジェクトをすすめていきました。ラリックは自分がデザインした日本の邸宅で自分の展覧会が開かれるなんて想像もしていなかったはず。ジュエリー 作家であり、花瓶や香水の瓶のデザインも手がけるガラス工芸家でもあったラリック。この日はレストランのランチでラリックの作品をイメージした美味しいドリンクもいただきました。その後、予約した午後3時から展覧会を鑑賞し、新館のカフェでお茶しました。人も多すぎず、静かで最高の一日になりました。服装は、先週セールで見つけた華やかなオレンジ色のセットアップです。素材はジュート。洗濯はできない表示でしたが、多分大丈夫かなあと思ってエマールで洗ったら大丈夫でした!セリーヌのサンダルも3回目のおでかけで、やっと足に馴染んで痛くなくなりました。みなさまのサンダルはどうですか?それではまた来週おたのしみに♡

Auralee set, Celine sunglasses and sundals, Kate Spade bag


  1. Beautiful yellow set and sandals. You looked fantastic for your visit to this lovely museum .
    I love Art Deco art movement.

  2. Hello Akiko, I hope you're doing good!

    A visit to the museum or to an exhibition is always a great way to spend summer! How's the situation in Tokyo right now?

    I loved to discover a little bit about the story of the Metropolitan Tein Museum, many places like this started also as a residence for kings, queens, princes or princesses. It is interesting to see how they transform through time.

    I also loved your matching set! I'd say it is the perfect option for a casual day or when you want to be very comfortable. The color also screams summertime!


  3. Oh this looks like a wonderful place to visit so beautiful and loved learning about the background of the building. Yes art deco was a great aesthetic and also loving your head to yellow linen look just gorgeous!

    Allie of

  4. Are You Kidding Me - These Photos Are Amazingly Crystal Clear - Every Shot Is Gorgeous - What A Fantastic Post - Be Well And Many Thanx


  5. Thank you for sharing. I’d love to visit in person, but my virtual visit through your post was lovely. I enjoyed it. I love your look. It’s so chic. Enjoy the Summer Games. Have a beautiful weekend.

  6. Thank you for taking us on tour with you in Teien Art Museum. Architecture and detilas are so beautiful, and your photos are so professional. You look absolutely gorgeous.

  7. What a beautiful place! I love your yellow set and that cute bag!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  8. So beautiful and interesting! I have no opportunity to visit Tokyo. But thanks to you I was able to visit the museum))

  9. Thank you for your message, have a nice day!

  10. Loving this yellow set so much 😊❣️
    Nice post! Have a great day :)


  11. Your mustard outfit is so cute! that skirt is amazing and it looks like such a nice museum to visit :) Such beautiful photos.

    Hope you had a nice weekend :) We had a quiet one at home enjoying the unexpected summer temps during winter!

    Away From The Blue


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