Toraya Traditional Japanese Sweets

Hi everyone! I hope you have a good time at the beginning of September. To be honest, I am not good because the fatigue of summer can creep up on me. Today, I went to an aromatherapy massage salon, so I feel better, Then, I am going to write about this blog for you! Today's blog is about half a day in traditional Japanese style.

A Floral Dress And Hand Bag From Old Kate Spade
It might be this dress is not trendy because I often see prints with small flowers on. Small flower prints are not good on me, so I chose the big flower print. The dress from Kate Spade had been in my closet for a few years. This bag was gave me by Kate Spade when I was an official blooger of Kate Spade New York Japan. I feel like that bag's form trend is getting wider, so I would love to wear it many times this fall and winter! プリントワンピースが流行っています。世の中はもう少し小ぶりの花柄をよく見かけますが、小花は似合わないので大きな花柄を着ました。2〜3年、寝かしておいたケイト・スペードです。バッグはケイト・スペード公式ブロガーの時にいただいたもの。バッグのシルエットのトレンドが横長になってきている気がしているのでこの秋冬、出番が増えそうです。

The Kitazawa Hachiman Shrine
My votive lantern was hung in the Kitazawa Hachiman shrine last weekend. Every year, I performed my traditional Japanese dance for the shrine in September annually, but almost performances were postpned again because of declaration of a state of emergency. I hope that we can do it next year. Anyway, the picture of a horse for the shrine is my painting. I posted about it on my blog many times, so you probably remember it. After that, we had traditional Japanese sweets at home. 今年も北澤八幡神社例大祭で献燈させていただきました。 毎年恒例の奉納演芸は、2年連続コロナの影響で中止になってしまいましたので、私の奉納舞も来年こそ、みなさまと一緒にできますようにとお参りしてきました。楽しみにしていてくださいね。10年前に絵を描かせていただいた絵馬も多くの方々に愛されて嬉しいです。実はこの日、アンジさんに「この絵馬って、おかんの絵だったの?」と言われて少しショックでした。でも、この後家でいただいた、とらやの和菓子で元気になりました。

Traya Traditional Japanese Sweets
"Arujigusa" is the name of these sweets. The form is chrysanthemum, and a green leaf is added. I have been interested in traditional Japanese sweets for a long time, so I will try one of each from Toraya everyr month. 『主草』という名前の生菓子をいただきました。楕円形にかたどったピンクの菊の花がとっても可愛いです。とらやさんの公式サイトはもっと淡いピンクですが、実物の色はこの写真に近いです。和菓子はずっと興味があったので、まずはとらやさんの生菓子を毎月一つずつ味わってみることにしました。

I hope you love tody's blog! If you had traditional Japanese sweets, please write about it in the comment section! 9月の和の時間、いかがでしたでしょうか。みなさまの和のお時間もよかったら教えてくださいね。それではまた来週お会いしましょう♡


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  2. What a lovely sweets :) thanks for your sharing...

  3. Another gorgeous look, Akiko! That dress is fantastic. The sweet treats look almost too pretty to eat.

  4. Hello Akiko, hope you had a lovely week!

    I can totally understand your feeling about summer fatigue, feeling the same over here and I just wanna move straight to fall season.

    Anyway this is definitely a good season to wear light garments like this. The print in the dress is so pop art, it reminds me a bit of Andy Warhol flowers and also to the sakura flowers that bloom in Japan :) So in lovely with this.

    So good that you were able to enjoy traditional japanese sweets, I am a fan of desserts and I haven't tried a lot of japanese desserts. But here in Barcelona we have a pastry shop owned by a Japanese chef: Pastisserie Takashi Ochiai. I should stop one day to see if I can something as nice as the pink little treat you showed us in this post *_*


  5. I love every single detail Akiko, you look so glam!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. This is such a beautiful dress Akiko and it suits you perfectly. I love this floral print. I love the shoes you wore with it. You look so stylish!
    This shrine seems like such a great place to visit. I would love to try traditional Japanese sweets.
    Yes, sometimes summer can mean fatigue. It's good you did some aromatherapy.

  7. Very beautiful dress! I like this large print, it suits you very much! And such interesting Japanese sweets. I think it's delicious!

  8. Looks delicious!


  9. This is such a great outfit! The pattern is stunning and it looks very classy as well :)

  10. El vestido, te queda muy bien . Adore las linternas y quisiera probar el dulce tradicional japones. Te mando un beso

  11. The sweet looks amazing! Love your floral dress and that bag is cute!

  12. Fantastic post! Love your review as always ))


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