Parisian style with Repetto Rain Shoes In Tokyo

Hello lovely readers! The rainy season came in Tokyo last week. How about your place? I started to get new rain shoes or boots. Puddle Rubber boots from Bottega Veneta or Yael Rubber boots from Jimiy Choo are so cool, and I would love to try them! However, I chose Repetto rain shoes, Cendrillon Baby because I am in the mood for Parisian style!

I used to wear red, black, and Masenta rain shoes, but I got beige to style differently with some items in my closet. These pink-beige shoes are similar to one I wanted. To be honest, it was the first time I got ballet shoes! About two outfits with the same rain shoes, these look like French style. The first one is to walk with my grandson. Our tops are super colorful! The loose silhouette jeans with the ballet shoes look so relaxing. The second one is to walk with Goro. I used to wear flat shoes with skinny pants, but I also styled the a little loose pants with the shoes. I really love the different relaxing outfit from the first one, too. Lastly, I would love to tell you about the fascinating of the rain shoes! We can wear them for both sunny days and rainy days. They look so great quality although rubber shoes, and they are so comfy because of Repetto! If you are a fan of Repetto, Tell me about your favorite shoes!

レインシューズは、赤、黒、マゼンタなど、はっきした色が多かったのですが違ったコーデをしてみたくてベージュ系を探してみました。 このレペットのピンクベージュのバレリーナが一番理想に近くて、しかも、バレリーナの靴を履くのは生まれて初めてなんです。 今回のコーデは二つともフレンチスタイルがベースにしてみました。 孫とお散歩コーデはルーズシルエットのジーンズに合わせてリラックス感を。赤のサマーニットと孫の黄色のTシャツがとってもカラフルでしょ。 ゴローとのお散歩コーデも、いつもならスキニーを合わせるところ、少しリラックス感のあるパンツにしてみました。すると全体が軽やかになりました。 この靴の素晴らしさは、雨の日に午後から晴れても違和感がないところ。ラバー製なのにおもちゃっぽく見えないクオリティも。そしてなんといっても、靴のブランドは足が痛くならないのが嬉しいです。それでは、次回もお楽しみに♡


  1. You look so chic, stylish and cute. Your grandchild is adorable. I like the combination of your jeans and those chic shoes. Great styling.

  2. Love the vibes of this pictures. Love this. Thank you so much.

    Love: Mariann Yip

  3. Your shoes are beautiful and I love these pics of you and your grandson.

  4. Hey dear Akiko,

    Super happy to see you here one more day 🙂 As usual thank you so much for your lovely support on my blog. I was happy after seeing that there was new content on your site.

    I loved all the pictures and the whole mood of the rainy summer in Tokyo. We are having a bit of rain here too but the weather is extremely humid.

    This is the first time I hear about Repetto shoes but the brand seems lovely and I like how you paired it with the baggy jeans and the colorful top ;) It is such a perfect combination and a comfy look to take a stroll with your grandson, the photos are super cute!

    On the other side the ilustration under the rain is just magical *_*

  5. These are such cute shoes and that neutral shade will go with everything! I like both outfits but the second is my favourite - so Parisian with the stripes! :)

    Hope you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  6. Really love rain season even though we don't get much of it here in Vegas. These shoes are so stylish!
    Hope you're having a great summer Akiko!

  7. I hope you are enjoying yourself Akiko!

  8. the rainshoes look so good! never though I'd need it but now I do. we have so much rain lately. Seeing you with your grandson is a huge joy to my eye. he is precious! Also send hugs to Goro, he has my heart long ago


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