Sunday, October 25, 2015

Magazines cut out us: To our satisfaction of our love and job

My friend, Yoshirei has her serial column "Magazines cut out us-To our satisfaction of our love and job" on cakes. It is very interesting! If you can translation Japanese into your language, could you try it! I know women communities very well because I have drawn the illustrations for many magazines for women for a long time. But sometimes I anxious that it is strange about them. I had the same feeling about a long and big a banner of VERY (young and a little celebrity mother's magazine in Japan) on a platform of Futakotamagawa station. I went there for last post. But when I read Yoshirei's colums, my mysterious feeling is clear soon! I love her good humor. Then I can have my own way for love and job? I can't wait her next article!