Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Obi With An African textile From Chikako Kimura

Many Japanese fashion magazines feature a yukata in July. Yukata is a a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton fabric. There are many festival and events for people who love a yukata in summer in Japan, and I love the fireworks near my parents' house. Unfortunately, I couldn't go there because I'm tied up with my work. However, I wear a yukata every day when I practice a traditional Japanese dance at home for the stage of a shrine near my home. I have performed the dance to the god to the shrine since 2011. I practice for only 10 minutes a day, I sweat a lot in summer. I think it is a kind of exercise.


When we wear a yukata, it is easy to wrap a obi (kimono belt). Wrap twice or third, and tie like a shape you love! I first wore this obi with an African textile that I found at the CHO × TOGO - Illustration/photo/Cloth - Exhibition at Ebisu on April. African textiles go well with traditional Japanese textiles of a yukata. I was so excited!! In addition, this circle bag which is one of trendy items is very good with a yukata, too!


Chikusen yukata, Chikako Kimura obi, Wagu geta(sandals), Maison N.H Paris bag


  1. Your culture has so many beautiful traditions.
    And the yukata has amazing patterns!


  2. You look stunning in this kimono my dear, your obi its very original, I love it!

  3. What a beautiful kimono, i love the variety of
    festivities! you look stunning :) i am following you!
    kisses :)

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  4. Wow!! This look is super form head to toe!! You look stunning!


  5. You nail kimono looks the most! The idea of mixture of cultures through obi makes me speechless all the time - it is so striking even repeated over and over again, I can't get tired of it. Moreover I just can't help but mention your natural beauty.

  6. Hi dear, beautiful post and lovely pictures!
    I'm following your nice blog. Can you follow mine? Thanks😊

  7. You look stunning in this wonderful outfit and I love the african textile.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  8. Would love to visit Japan one day, I love japanese food and some things f the culture, sure I love kimonos too, so you can imagine I really love this look, A-MA-ZING <3 LOVE

    Kiss kiss.*Jo
    Jo & Company Style