Family Photo Dressing Up With A Beautiful Gown From Revolve

I took the family photo with my son Anji, and my pet Goro at home. We took another photo a year and a half ago, which I posted here. At that time, I wore pyjamas, and Anji was topless. This time, we dressed up. I wore this gown from NBD on REVOLVE. It was made of polyester is good, and the design and color are perfect for me! The color pink added a little yellow feel like relaxed atmosphere than shocking pink by Elsa Schiaparelli. To be honest, I had looked for a gown or suit in shocking pink because I'm really into some shocking pink items from Tom Ford 2018 collection. However I couldn't find one like that, so I ordered this gown. This pink suits my skin's color and makes me feel like a good mum. I am so satisfied. The bold one shoulder top looks like a Michelle Obama, exposing a little of skin around waist is sensual, and elegant frills are like Orchid petals. Anji and Goro's outfits are monotone, so I felt like that they escorted me. We had a fantastic time!

1年半ぶりに家族写真を自宅で撮影しました。前回は、私はパジャマ、アンジは裸だったので、今回はドレスアップすることに。 REVOLVEで見つけたNBDのガウンは、色も形もパーフェクト。イエローが少し混ざったピンク色は、スキャパレリのショッキングピンクよりも落ち着いた印象を与えてくれます。実を言うと、TOM FORDの今年のコレクションのショッキングピンクに心を奪われ、同じようなドレスかスーツを探していたのですが、似合いそうなものが見つからなくて、このガウンをオーダーしてみました。結果的に私の肌色によく合うピンク色で、お母さんらしい優しさも演出できてよかったです。 ミシェル・オバマさんがお召しになっていそうな大胆なワンショルダー、センシュアルなウェスト部分の肌の露出、腰から下は蘭の花びらのように優雅なフリル。素材は肌触りのいいポリエステルです。 モノトーンのアンジとゴローにエスコートしてもらいながら、今回も素敵な時間を過ごしながら芸術的な家族写真が撮れました。

REVOLVE has lots of beautiful and reasonably priced gowns, so I've collected them for parties, interviews, and TV shows. I'm sure this collection of gowns or kimonos is useful for us even if we won't wear them soon. The opportunity come up suddenly. If some items haven't been worn by you and they ask you to wear, you should want to make a specific opportunity of taking your family photo or your portrait. It'll be fun!!

REVOLVEには、リーズナブルでセンスのいいガウンがたくさん揃っているので、パーティやインタビューやTV出演などの衣装としてコレクションしています。着物もそうですけど、ドレスアップのアイテムは常日頃からお気に入りを集めておくのがコツ。 もし、なかなか出番がなさそうなアイテムが身につけて欲しとお願いしてきたら、家族写真やポートレート撮影など機会を作ってみるのも、とっても楽しいですよ。

1.CRESSIDA ワンショルダーガウン NBD ¥21777 税抜/ 2.GENNER ガウン MICHAEL COSTELLO ¥30576 税抜/ 3.MARTELL ガウン JAY GODFREY ¥43774 税抜/ 4.EYE OF HORUS ガウン ZHIVAGO ¥53233 税抜/ 5.EDEN ガウン AMANDA UPRICHARD ¥32446 税抜/ 6.CAMERON ガウン LIKELY ¥32776 税抜


  1. You look stunning in this dress my dear! Im going in few month on a wedding so maybe I will get something in Revolve ;-)

  2. Wonderful dress, u look really perfect!

  3. Looking very beautiful all dressed up. I love the style of your dress!
    I just followed your lovely blog. Hope you follow back and let's keep in touch.

  4. Lovely family photos and... amazing dress!
    Kisses, Paola.


  5. Awesome pics!!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  6. Hi Akiko

    I just visited your blog at and I've read some good articles that you wrote on your blog. I have also seen your brief profile and biodata. I apologize because I can't speak Japanese. I am entirely dependent on the help of Google Translate. I like English, I hope you don't mind it

    I think you are a career woman with a myriad of proud achievements. You have a Bachelor degree and you have a lot of international standard skills. I am amazed at you. I am just an ordinary person who even did not graduate from college.

    I will be very happy if you accept me as one of your best friends.

    Full of love

    Asep Haryono

    1. Hi Asep,

      Thank you for your comment, and I'm so glad!
      I had a business trip to Indonecia last year, and it was first time for me.
      Bali is so beautiful!!

      Have a lovely day <3


    2. Heya Mrs Akiko, Ariigato Gozaimasu. Thank You so much for your awesome response to my comment here. I have a feeling you are nice to everyone and nice to me too however I am a stranger haha. Japan and Indonesia is always be friendship in every way.

      I have had five years volunteer work at Indonesia Australia Partnership (IAP) conjunction with Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF) based in Denpasar Bali. I attended Consultative Group Meeting in Bali every year from 2005 - 2010. Bali is so cool. I miss Bali also.

      May be we can meet up in Bali someday

      I will tell you so many things later on
      I am so happy to know you. You are so humble and friendly person. I will be more than happy to be here and readin your posts every day here.

      Keep in touch my friend

      Asep Haryono

  7. OMG! You lok exquisite on your pink gown Akiko! You guys look so good. I can't even! So stunning! Your pet also looks super duper kawaii I want to hug him! Can't wait to see more beautiful family photos of yours'. You look so lovely and well in your gowns, as always!

    love lots,


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