My Favorite Gown Can Be Mixed And Matched With My Favorite Items

Today's pink skirt isn't a skirt but a gown from NBD that I wore two articles ago. I would love to wear the gown at another occasion, so I mixed and matched it with my favorite items! This cropped cardigan has slept in my closet for a few years, but I woke it up. It goes well with the gown more than I imagined The bold slit was pinned with two lovely items One is a button badge made by Minoru Hamada who is an illustrator, and the other one is a brooche from Kenneth Jay Lane. I love this idea so much, that you should give it a try!!

今日のピンクのスカートは、なんと二つ前の記事で着たNBDのガウンなんです。もっとたくさん着たかったので、お気に入りのアイテムを組み合わせて、新しいコーディネイトを考えてみました。 スーパークロップド丈の牛柄カーディガンは、ここ数年箪笥の中で眠っていたのを起こして合わせてみたら、想像していたよりも相性がよくて嬉しくなりました♡ 大胆なスリットは、足が見えないように缶バッチとブローチで留めました。 缶バッチはハマダミノルさんの個展で購入したものです。ブローチは15年くらい前に、ケイト・スペード青山店でケネス・ジェイ・レーンのアクセサリーも置いてあった時に見つけました。

br> Muveil cardigan, Nbd gown, Dories Van Noten boots, Kate Spade New York bag, Gallery1950×Kaneko Optical sunglasses, Fossil watch


  1. Love your style! Your looks are so versatile and all amazing.

  2. Very cool and modern styling how all of you :-) The bottom of this dress looks amazing!

  3. So gorgeous!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  4. I LOVE your combo! The black and white fit perfectly with the hot pink dress. Love it.

    Dahi from Strangeness and Charms

  5. WOWWはとてもクールで、秋子さんが着ているピンクのスカートは涼しく、肌の色に合っており、よりエレガントで上品に見えるし、もちろんあなたはより美しいです。 私はあなたのピンクのスカートが好きです

    Hahahha I use Google Translator. The structure seems funny hahahhaa. Sorry

    Waww is so cool, the pink skirt that you are wearing is cool, and it matches your skin color and makes you look more elegant, classy and of course you are more beautiful. I like your Pink Skirt Mrs Akiko

  6. I love the way you've made the gown a bit more casual with the cardigan. Such a lovely style idea!

  7. I really love this outfit. You have such a beautiful body. Kisses!

  8. I'm so glad to be here again after a long absence. I took a summer break and missed you and your beautiful blog. The pink skirt is fantastic, dear Akiko!

  9. Hey Akiko! I'm back after a little break and it is always good to visit your blog and get inspired by your looks, illustrations and words :D Love to see you rocking this outfit in the streets of Tokyo! The print totally represents you and it reminds me of the textures in your drawings ;)

    Best regards and thanks for your constant support

  10. I love how you restyled this pink gown by wearing a top over it. A fantastic look!


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