How To customize An Interesting Outfit From The Row

Today's outfit like a dress from The Row, isn't a dress. Actually I have worn it twice, and I posted on my blog. You can see here and there. This outfit's shape is like a gilet. I can twist both sides and tie them around my waist. When I wear it as a dress, both legs come out behind the outfit. Finally, I pinned with two lovely brooches and made an asymmetical dress. I would love to show the Olsen Twins (The Row is their brand) my outfits!! Anyway, I'm really into customizing something with brooches recently.

今日のワンピースは、実はワンピースではなくて、ザ・ロウのトップスなんです。 これまでに2回(こちらこちら)、この面白い服のコーディネイトをブログに記事を投稿しました。 全体のシルエットはジレに似ていています。両端に長くヒラヒラした布を掴んで何回かねじり、それをウェストに巻いて着用します。 ワンピースのように着たい時は足が全部見えてしまうので、今日のようにブローチで留めるとアシンメトリーなシルエットのワンピースになります。オルセン姉妹にもお見せしたいです。最近はこんな風にブローチを使ったお洋服のカスタマイズに夢中です。皆様も是非、試してみてくださいね♡

The Row top, Valentino shoes, Rika bag, Saint Laurent sunglasses, LOVERS + FRIENDS on Revolve jacket, Kenneth Jay Lane brooches


  1. Wooow! A very nice and stylish look, dear! Love your bag!

  2. Just so chic! I love the brooches on your lovely dress!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. You look super elegant! Gorgeous yellow shade, it looks fab on you. And those brooches - I have a soft spot for brooches in fact, I can't hold myself when I see a pretty one. Great bag (how do you always get the best bags ever?)

  4. こんばんは。洋服の事はあまり詳しく分かりませんが、シックでとても素敵です。専属カメラマンが撮られるのでしょうか、写真も素晴らしいです。

    1. Minoruさん、こんにちは!写真は息子が撮ってくれました。Minoruさんにそういっていただけて、きっと喜ぶと思います。最近は、妹か息子が専属カメラマンで、二人とも上手なので助かります❤️

  5. Hey Akiko!

    They say the attention is in the details and you showed that in this post with the use of these cute accessories *_* I adored how they gave it a twist to a plain dress, it is definitely the cherry on top to your outfit and the funny twist that we should include more in our attires ;)


  6. Fantastic outfit!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  7. Very stylish darl! that butterfly is so beautiful. Great photography as well. Kisses!


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