Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Little Nostalgic Outfit At Tokyo Station and Kitte

I can always take a good picture around Tokyo station and Kitte. Marunouchi frontage of Tokyo Station was build in 1931 and Tokyo Central Post Office which is the predecessor of Kitte was build in 1931. Both of them were renovated a few years ago, and their taste are nostalgic and modern. It is just like what I feel like now. I am also interested in similar feeling from some fashion collections of spring and summer in 2019 that inspired from 70s. Speaking of 70s, I love today's faux fur jacket felt like 70s. I think it might stands in the daytime, but after dusk I really want to wear it. Colorful clothes including kimonos go well with dusk. This white cardigan is one of my favorite knit wears, and I posted it twice on my blog this year. These pants from The Row are so beautiful, and the crease line is the greatest in my trousers.

東京駅の丸の内駅舎と向かい側のKITTE周辺は、いつ来ても素敵な写真が撮れます。丸の内駅舎は1914 年、KITTEになる前の東京中央郵便局は1931年に建てられました。どちらも数年前に修復されて、なんともいえないノスタルジックで新しい感じは、今の気分にぴったりです。ファッションも、今年の春夏コレクションで目立った70代テイストがナチュラルに新しく表現されているものに心惹かれました。 この、カラフルなフェイクファージャケットも、70sな感じがして大好きなんですけど、昼間に着るのは目立ち過ぎてしまうので少し抵抗があります。でも夕方になるとちょうどいい感じになるので無性に着たくなるんですよ。着物も一緒で、明るい色は夜の方が映えますね。中に着たアランニットのカーディガンは今年のブログで、すでに二回も登場したお気に入り。ザ・ロウのパンツは、写真で見てもうっとりするほど仕立ての良さが分かります。私のクローゼットの中で、一番見事なセンタープレスなんです。

Kate Spade launched this bag on the 23rd of this month! Fortunately, they gave me this bag for their fashion show at Tokyo Tower last year, so I have worn it since then. I really love it because it is fun to stuff my favorite items in the bag without organization. However I sometimes founded two different sunglasses in it. My failure was funny, and I always enjoyed with this bag. My purse in this bag is pink, and you can also see black one on Kate Spade New York Japanese online shop.


Kate Spade bag, sunglasses, and cardigan, The Row pants, By The Way. jacket


  1. Wow!! This look is super from head to toe!!
    Love your bag!

  2. You look amazing, as always, dear Akiko. What a stunning jacket.

  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  4. I agree this bag is super gorgeous! I would wear it often too. Kate Spade makes awesome bags

  5. Your look looks super Akiko! Looks like you just came out of a runway. That bag is really lovely <3

    love lots,