Sunday, May 12, 2019

Customized Chain Bags With A Belt From Dior

I posted today's first photo on my instagram last year. I hadn't written a blog about it because I couldn't come up with a theme for it. Time flew! I decided to repost it with a comment today. I don't really know much about this secondhand dress from Haute, so I would love to show you how to customize chain bags with a belt! You might have seen this bag from Kate Spade with a belt from Dior on this blog. I posted it here. At that time I posted it, I didn't explain the way to customize them. It is easy to do. First, open the bag, then pass the belt through the bag and do up the buckle. Today, I customized other bags, one is from Anya Hindmarch and the other one is from Balenciaga. I got them about 10 years ago, so they were different from the latest brand's style. However, my bags look so nice! I found this belt from Dior about 15 years ago, and I really also love lots of scratches on the belt.

本日の一番初めの写真は去年インスタに投稿したもの。記事のテーマがなかなか浮かばなくて、しばらく寝かしておいたらあっという間に一年たってしまいました。オートのドレスは情報が少なすぎてよくわからないので、カスタムチェーンバッグのお話にしますね。 15年以上前にDiorのセールで見つけたチェーンベルトを数年前のケイト・スペードのクラッチバッグと合体させたハンドバッグは、五郎の散歩の記事で登場したことがあります。こちらです。バッグを開けて輪にしたベルトをひっかけただけですので、みなさまも是非、お手持ちのアイテムで試してみてください。本日は、他のバッグとも組み合わせてみました。アニヤ・ハインドマーチとバレンシアガのクラッチ、どちらのバッグも現在のブランドイメージと全く違っているところが逆に新鮮な感じがします。Diorベルトは傷がたくさんありますけど、年季が入ってますますかっこよくなってきました。

Haute dress, Tamara Mellon heels, Kate Spade bag, Anya Hindmarch bag, Balenciaga bag, Dior belt


  1. You look stunning in this styling my dear, perfect bag and heels <3

  2. I love the details. Very beautiful.

  3. Your outfit and bag are amazing!
    I always get inspiration from your blog. :D


  4. Ah you did a GREAT job with this look! And that Dior turtle bad is a stunner. Lucky you to own such a wonderful piece.

    Allie of

  5. You're so creative, we can really learn from you. What a great way to customize's one bag this is! I love how you put the Dior belt on that Kate Spade bag, it makes it look even more chic. I customized some bags in the past, but they didn't look as nice as this one. The result is really so elegant.

    I really like this styling as well. This dress has a wonderful structure, it's so unique and beautiful. The heels you paired it with are so perfect! You look very feminine, elegant and gorgeous!!!

  6. Such a cool idea! I love the final result!!!
    Btw, your sequin dress is everything!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. You have great sense of style! I love everything <3

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  8. OMG! you look so good Akiko-san! So fabulous as always. Your dress is so beautiful and you always have the best bags! I love the fact that you must be so good in keeping them in shape and now to style them. Please give us tips how to keep bags in shape and yes, a bag collection! <3 so much love!

    love lots,

  9. That dress is so beautiful. I love your styling