Saturday, July 13, 2019

Trendy Sneakers And My illustrations

Last month, I got an email from the popular cooking magazine “Orange Page”. They asked me to illustrate a recipe for their event. They were planning on making tote bags with prints of illustrations by twelve illustrators. I was so excited to be one of twelve illustrators! I drew a raw egg and spicy cod roe over rice. This magenta cod roe looks so delicious, doesn't it? I know that food coloring is not good for our health, but it is fine in this case because this is only an illustration.




I have trendy sneakers that have similar tones to my illustration. I wore them when I attended the event's place. If you don't want to wear something too crazy but still like the style, you can find one that suits you! Check it out on Pinterest! Then get your trendy sneakers and create a new outfit from your closet. After that, wear them and head to the nearest convenience store at night. You will find wonderful people wearing items that they love. I bet they will bring you a sense of confidence. Anyway, I have posted about this T-shirt before two articles. At that time, my son wore it. First I drew the illustration for my Line stickers in the forth picture.

イラストと同じ配色のステラのハイテクスニーカーを合わせてイベント会場へお出かけしてきました。トレンドのハイテクスニーカーを履いてみたいけど、足だけ目立ちそうで躊躇している方にも、絶対に似合うスニーカーがあるはず。Pinterestで試してみたい画像を集めたら、手持ちのアイテムでバランスを真似してみて、その後、夜のコンビニでハイテクデビュー。いろんなスタイルの人が誰の目も気にせず好きなものを着ている姿から勇気をもらえるはずです。 この日のTシャツですが、2つ前の記事で同じプリントTをアンジさんが着てくれました。

Boutique Hiramatsu T-shirt, Levi's jeans, Stella McCartney sneakers, kate Spade tote, Oscar de La Renta necklace, Gucci sunglasses

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  1. Great post dear! Photos are amazing !

  2. I love the tote bag you illustrated for this event. Congrats for being commissioned and selected as one of twelve artists to this illustrating project! This is a great commission and you did a great job with illustrating food. I don't think I ever illustrated food before, I should give it a try too.

    I really like your illustrated t-shirt as well. The way you styled it is so stylish. This t-shirt looks fabulous paired with jeans and trendy sneakers. You look fantastic!!!

  3. Such a cute ilustrations, you are so talented my dear!

  4. I love your illustartions and those sneakers are super cool!
    Kisses, Paola.


  5. Your illustrations are beautiful, Akiko.
    Love it!