Monday, November 11, 2019

DIY From My Closet

Hi, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Today's blog is about two easy DIYs. One is a bag like Fendi Baguette, and the other is a cardigan modified to a boat neck from a V neck. To start with, I will explain how to decorate the bag. It is remarkably easy! Open the bag, then pass the belt with a scarf attached through the bag and fasten the buckle. I posted about other customized bags here. Next, I would love to share with you how to make the cardigan. You might remember an outfit with the cardigan because I wore the cardigan this year and posted the article here. This time, I replaced gold buttons with rare buttons made from dear hone. Then I wore the cardigan on back to front! It looks like boat neck, doesn't it?


This cardigan is a deep neck, so I appeared so sexy from behind. It is not good at walking during the daytime in Tokyo, so I put down my hair and wore an underwear from Souple Luz. The underwear 's colour is cocoa because it is similar tone to the outfit.
このカーディガンはVネックが深い形なので、後ろ姿が大胆になります。昼間から背中を出して歩いていると驚かれるので、髪は下ろしておでかけしました。インナーは、コーディネイトのトーンに合わせてSouple Luzのcocoa色を。

Can you see an accessory which is shaped like a ribbon around my neck? It is a spare button of another cardigan. You can see the button here! I sewed with the button to hide a hole by a bug.

I put a lot of stuff in the DIY bag which is similar to Fendi Baguette, so my bag had wrinkles. Next time, I will put minimal stuff and a towel to keep the bag's shape in the bag.

I had today's photo shoot after shopping a belt at Celine shop in Aoyama. I wore the belt, then my outfit was casually upgraded! I really love Hedi Slimane's design. I sketched some items which I memorized at the shop. His design reminds me of the old times. Woman in their 40s and 50s like me have similar items to Hedi's design in their closet. If they wear vintage items, they look like that they travel back in time. I often do like it, so I deeply think about my outfit which looks like modern. This time, I had two great DIY items, so today's outfit is perfect!! I would love to know your fantastic ideas, too!


Forte Forte coat, Aquagirl cardigan, Anya Hindmarch bag, The Row pants, Saint Laurent sunglasses, Dries Van Notten Boots, Oscar De La Renta necklace, Celine belt

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  1. Nice outfits 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. Wooow! You look stunning :)    

  3. Perfect styling my dear, I love selection of colors :-)

  4. おはようございます。新しい記事と素晴らしい写真を投稿したという通知を受け取りました。



  5. I really like how you styled this cardigan. It looks great paired with wide trousers. Wearing this cardi the other way around was such a lovely idea. I like the accessories as well, the boots and the belt are so chic. Beautiful bag with DIY touches too. You look fantastic!!!!!!!!

  6. Great styling babe and lovely color combo!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. Just stopping by to wish you a great weekend!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this DIY. I like how scarf look on bag as well as your outfit. You look so beautiful.

    New Post -

  9. The idea of wearing the cardigan the other way looks good!

  10. Hey Akiko, one more nice post I really enjoyed reading :D

    I love the way you play with your garments and accessories, sometimes I feel that fashion is more related the way we get creative with the things we already have, since it is not possible to go shopping everyday haha!

    And from the second or third picture I spotted the Celine bag haha, one of my favorite brands in the market. Did you have an activity with the shop in Japan? So cool, hope you tell us more! I am not a big fan of Slimane, I still prefer Phoebe Philo, but there are some things in his designs that I like, for example the retro references you mention :D