Black Outfit Meets Yellow Hato Sablé Bag

I was all dressed in black last week. I went to Fauchon Café at Ikebukuro, which is one of a big areas in Tokyo, to meet my son at 4 p.m. Ikebukuro station is very big and complicated, so I got lost. I was 15 minutes late, but my son was 1 hour late! The sun disappeared, and it was dark outside. Usually it is difficult to take a picture, but my son took some good pictures by Leica Q.


This coat is from Catherine Mlandrino collection over 10 years ago. The shoulders of these raglan sleeves are a little ballooned. It is so feminine when I wrap the wide belt. I wore a long sleeve knitwear because it is three quarter sleeve. You might think that I wore a tight skirt, but it is a unique dress from Comme Des Garcons. You can see it on "You May Also Like" below. Today's outfit is so suitable for a hotel dinner in winter. I met a friend of mine before meeting my son. She gave me a lovely sablé. We call it "Hato Sablé" that is popular in Japan. That package is like a trendy mini bag! Can you see two high school students behind the sablé's bag? They were lovely girls! I have drawn outfit illustrations since I was a high school student. I came up with some winter outfits in the last picture. I will post them in order. Which outfit are you interested in?

この日のコートは、10年以上も前のキャサリン・マランドリーノ。このコートは、少し膨らんだ肩が特徴のラグラン袖。太い共布のベルトでウエストを締めるとキャサリン・マランドリーノが得意とするフェミニンなシルエットが完成。七分袖ですので、黒の長袖ニットとコム・デ・ギャルソン独特のデザインのノースリーブワンピースを重ねました。冬のホテルディナーにぴったりのスタイリングです。 この日、お友達が鳩サブレーをくれたので、トレンドのミニバッグ風に持ってみました。背景には、可愛い高校生の女の子が二人。最後の写真は、年末年始にかけてのコーディネイトイラストです。こうやってスタイリングイラストを描きながらおでかけ計画をたてるのは、高校生の時から大好きな時間。みなさま、A~Eのどのコーデが気になりますか?次回から順番にアップしていく予定ですので、楽しみにしていてくださいね。

Catherine Malandrino coat, Comme Des Garcons dress, Balenciaga knitwear, Oscar De La Renta earrings, Gianvito Rossi shoes, Saint Laurent bag, Gucci sunglasses

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  1. You look so chic in this outfit my dear! I love your earrings :-) I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :-)

  2. Black always looks very stylish. I love your outfit!

  3. I like your outfit. Black always look so elegant and you look gorgeous.

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  4. Hey Akiko, hope you're having a fantastic week so far :D

    It is always nice to read your adventures! I'd love to visit this area in Tokyo, it looks so vibrant and full of things to do and buy :) I liked your outfit too, you look so elegant and stylish and black is always the right thing to wear, you can't go wrong with black ;)

    PS: I enjoy to see your drawings everywhere! Your illustrations always encourage to draw more! Do you always carry a notebook with you?


    1. Hey Fungi,

      Thank you for your lovely message and question!
      Yes, I usually carry a notebook with me!
      When I go to a party, I have a folded paper in my small bag, and I borrow a pen from the party's staff :)


  5. Outfits C, D and E are my favourites but all of these illustrated outfits are fantastic. You look great in this black coat. This is such an elegant combo.

  6. Piękna i szykowana stylizacja idealna na wyjątkowe okazje :)

  7. Anything you can do, he can do better :-) I am sure that your son was worth the wait and you certainly looked very elegant while waiting.

  8. I really like you style. You're my role model.


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