Sunday, February 02, 2020

Puffer Jacket From Zara With Goro

Sometimes it is warm like spring, sometimes it is very cold in Tokyo. I often a down jacket in February, and I started to want a new one more than a spring clothe. Recently, I drew a comic strip about down and puffer jackets. I didn't have a puffer jacket, so I ordered it on ZARA online shop. The material of the puffer jacket is polyester from plastic bottles. To be honest, I didn't expect much, but it was actually warmer than I expected. During I took Goro for a walk, I took the jacket off!

東京は春のように暖かい日もあれば凍えるほど寒い日もありますので、二月はダウンの出番が多そうです。FORZA STYLEの連載漫画、「惜しいよオトコ」でダウンの漫画を描いたら新しいダウンが欲しくなってきました。いろいろ探してみますと、パフィジャケット、パフジャケットも気になってきて、試しに ZARAのパフジャケットを買ってみました。素材はペットボトルを再利用したポリエステル。本当にあったかいのかなあと半信半疑でしたが、五郎の散歩の途中で脱ぎたくなるほど温かくてびっくりしました。

Zara jacket, Mame knit wear, Uniqlo leggings, Pellico boots, Saint Laurent sunglasses

The cropped jacket makes my length longer. I also love the elegant color and the a little big shilhouette. After I ordered XS size. I dreamed that I regretted because it was too small for me. However, it is actually trendy over size!! I could wear it with a thick knit. I styled it with these black leggings. I felt that it was too cool, so I looked for lovely items in my closet. They were these short boots with colorful fur! Next time, I would love to style the puffer jacket with jeans and sneakers, or a long skirt. Anyway, Goro is 15 years old, so he walked very slowly. He knows his own pace. I often forget my own pace, so I tired and catch a cold. His walking always reminds me of important things! Thank you, Goro!!

このパフジャケットは、丈が短いので足長に見せてくれます。地味で上品な色と少しモード感のあるフォルムも素敵。オンラインショップで一番小さいXSを注文したあと、その晩、小さすぎて後悔した夢を見ました。でも、届いてすぐ羽織ってみると、ちょうどいいオーバーサイズ!もこもこセーターを着ても苦しくありませんでした。今回は無難に黒のレギンスパンツを合わせたのでファーのついた靴を選び、かっこよくなりすぎないようにしました。 ジーンズとスニーカーもバランスがよさそうですし、ロングスカートもあいそうですよね。15歳になった五郎は、自分に合ったペースでゆっくりゆっくり歩くので、私も欲張りすぎないように、自分の能力を過信しすぎないように、マイペースを心がけています。

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  1. Thanks for your sharing 😊 have a nice day 😊

  2. This jacket is super glam! And your dog super cute!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. I love puffer jackets because they are so warm. This one is really cool. I like how you styled it with those fun ankle boots. You look fantastic!
    p.s. Your dog is adorable.

  4. Really want to get a puffer jacket. Maybe next winter!
    I like your jacket!

  5. Oooh Akiko, how you doing? Happy February!

    Thank you so much for your feedback in my latest blog post by the way!

    I saw this picture today on IG and I am a fan of your style, you totally give me the city vibes but in comfort and you always add that interesting touch to every look, in this case the puffy detail on the shoes is amazing!

    And I don't have a puffy jacket right now, maybe it doesn't fit my style but I'll definitely want to try one next winter ;)

    PS: So sad to hear your Acne Studios purchase got canceled... It is one of my favorite brands and I'd love to get a Musubi bag this year :D


  6. Casaco lindo❤️
    Sigo você 😉

  7. I've said it before - you are the most stylish dog walker out there.

  8. Cute dog :) And you look awesome :)

  9. tu perrito es precioso y tu vas muy guapa, me gusta tu chaqueta

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