Sustainable Green Kimono

I really love the trend for wearing vintage, and I was so interested in sustainable dress code of Bafta. In my opinion, Renée Zellweger's dress is the greatest. The form is simple and straight like a kimono, and she wore two bold gold bangles, that went well with a big gold trophy. Many vintage or customized dresses inspired me, and I thought about a sustainable and beautiful kimono outfit from my closet!


I had dinner with two fantastic people at Matsubara-An Keyaki soba restaurant. I really love soba! The restaurant is on the forth floor, so we saw beautiful winter night view and had delicious dinner. This kimono is yellow-green that reminds me of new green leaves, so I usually wear it in spring. Occasionally, I love to style a fur item with this kimono in winter. I saw today's pictures and I noticed this Lady Dior bag is timeless and beautiful. She has been sleeping in my closet for a long time. I would love to make an all-black kimono outfit with the Lady Dior bag next time, although I adore new bags whenever I see new collections from some brands♡

この日の夜、原宿のお蕎麦のお店、松原庵 欅で素敵なお食事会がありました。窓際の席でしたので、きれいな景色を眺めながら、美味しいお食事と大人のトーク。この若葉色の着物は4月、5月の新緑の季節がぴったりですけど、たまに真冬にファーと合わせて着るのも好き。冷んやりした色と、ファーの温もりの組み合わせが新鮮です。バッグは、ここのところ出番が少なかったレディ・ディオールを登場させてみました。レディ・ディオールのタイムレスな美しさに改めて気づいたり。今度は、このバッグを合わせた全身黒の着物コーデもしてみたくなってきました。でも、今年も各ブランドからの美しい新作バッグが次々と発表されて誘惑されます♡

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  1. what a beautiful green and yellow kimono. I really like the fur stole you wore with it. You look stunning. Wonderful styling.

  2. Such a lovely shade of green, you're always so elegant!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. I love the added fur to this green beauty!
    Happy week!

  4. Hey Akiko, hope you're having a nice week so far :)

    Aaaaaaah I saw this look on IG and I came running to the blog to see more details, this kimono is so special and beyond a piece of art that you really managed to turn out into something else with the fur and with the Dior bag, it looks like an outfit that came out from the coolest fashion editorial!

    PS: Yes, Zellweger is always the best dressed at this kind of events!


  5. Such a beautiful colour and for the first time I saw that someone style kimono and fur and that combination looks amazing. You are so beautiful.

    New Post -

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