Monday, March 09, 2020

My Funny and Elegant Vintage Story 01: Mystery Bag From Chloé

Hello everyone! Many book stores have held my new book fair in Japan, and I went to Books Fukuyashoten Shinjuku with a lovely bag. That lobster-embroidered bag is from Chloé , and I got it about 15 years ago. For that reason, I called it one of my vintage bags. I tucked a pink double-breasted jacket in pants. Intentionally, one button of the jacket was done up wrong to be narrow at the waist!


Tagliatore jacket, The Row pants, Dories Van Noten boots, Chloé bag, Saint Laurent sunglasses

There is a bag with the same lobster embroidery as my bag in "Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell". I wanted to know who is the creative designer for the Chloé collection. I googled about it and and I found two clothes with same lobster. It might be Stella McCartney. On the Chloé official site, Karl Lagerfeld's design is from 1960s to 1990s, and 2000s is the period of three women, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Hannah MacGibbon. I found this bag in 1999 or 2000 at a shop in Tokyo, and the bag was on sale. I bought it on impulse, then I noticed that it was not useful at home. I couldn't put things in and out easily. In ddition, the handles were so hard solid, and they were into my arm. I go of things like that at a flea market or second hand shop, or I give them for my sister. However, this bag moved to different home with me and survived in my closet, because the design of the bag is beautiful! The lobster on the bag reminded me of a then-scandalous 1937 gown designed by Elsa in collaboration with Salvador Dalí. I read a book, "Vogue on: Elsa Schiaparelli (Vogue on Designers)" again to write this article. My book is translated into Japanese, and I knew that the meaning of lobster is a cannibalistic woman. Next, I googled Schiaparelli, lobster. Then I knew that a lobster also means xxxxx (Sorry, I delete the words because many spam comments were posted). A friend of mine told me that it was very amazing when she saw me with this lobster-embroidered bag for the first time. Now, I feel a little embarrassed, but it is funny. Anyway, I feel that lobster's power and mystery help me to live. When I found the worth , pleasure, fascinating personally in an old bag like this time, I decide to call it "My vintage". If you have a bag which you can't let it go, you should research the bland history and designers! Your bag is your vintage bag, too!!

SATCの本にも出ているこのバッグ、ステラ・マッカートニー時代のクロエ説が強いです。ネット情報なので確信はもてませんが、検索でワンピースとタンクトップがヒット。クロエの公式サイトでは、1960年代から1990年代中はカールラガーフェルドがメインの時代で、2000年時代はイギリス出身の若手デザイナー3人がメゾンに加わったと書かれてあります。その3人とは、ステラ・マッカートニーとフィービー・ファイロ、ハンナ・マクギボン。私が表参道のセレクトショップのセールでこのバッグを見つけたのは、確か1999年か2000年。素敵なデザインだけど、物が出しにくいし、腕にかけると硬いハンドルが食い込んで痛い。でも、実用的でない美しいバッグはフリマもリサイクルショップも逃れていつの間にか素敵なヴィンテージになりました。 ところで、元祖ロブスターといえば、ダリとコラボしたスキャパレリのロブスター・ドレス。『VOGUE ON エルザ・スキャパレリ』を読み返してみたら、ロブスターの意味も詳しく書かれていて、なんと、相手を骨抜きにしかねない女の性を意味しているんですって。さらにネット検索してみると、男のシンボルと去勢器具の両方を意味するとありました。友達に、「昭子さんがこのバッグを持って最初に現れた時、度肝を抜かれた」と今でも言われます。やはりロブスターにはパワーがあるのですね。みなさまもぜひ、なぜか手放すことができないバッグの歴史を調べてみると、もしかしたらMyヴィンテージになるかも♡

My book fair information here, a movie based on my book information here! If you need English information, please tell me!
最後にお知らせですが、私の新刊『もうひとつのカフカの東京絶望日記 コミック編』のブックフェアは、3月13日までです。 全国の映画館で上映中のドラマの劇場版は今月12日まで、素敵なプレゼントももらえるみたいですよ。詳しくはこちらです。

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  1. Thanks for your sharing 😊 have a lovely week 😊

  2. Hey Akiko, hope you're having a good week so far :)

    I saw one of the pictures of this post and it made me curious, cause the design of the bag is so peculiar and it caught my attention that it is a lobster, such a curious animal. This is the first time I see this design, I tried to look for more information but couldn't find it, but maybe it is from Stella McCartney, is the kind of designs she makes sometimes :)

    But is good to see that you managed to recover this bag, it is a piece of art and you included in a very good look, actually pink + red is a trend :)

    PS: And I already told you on IG but congratulations for your book Akiko :D!


  3. As usual, you have perfectly combined the classic with modernity. You look great in this style!

  4. What a stylish outfit. I love the combo of that pink blazer and dark's so elegant. I also like how you buttoned your blazer to make it more narrow at the waist. It also makes it more interesting and gives it an asymmetric cut. Beautiful shoes too. You always look so chic.

    Your lobster bag is so pretty. I love its print. Congrats on your book. So great that it can be found in many stores. Have a great week!

  5. You are always so innovative with your personal style.<3
    I can't wait to receive your book, I will cherish it forever!


  6. That bag look so beautiful, but your blazer is stunning. I like shape and colour as well as how you style it.

    New Post -

  7. Oh congratulations on the book! And what a great find with bag, and it was in SITC, even better. Yes I can see how the handles would be difficult. But this shape of bag is trending, this is great you HAVE to keep this bag!

    Allie of

  8. That bag is so gorgeous and I really love the pink blazer!
    style frontier

  9. I'm so proud of you and of your new book, Akiko, so very well done! And to look so elegant while presenting it... so you.