Saturday, April 04, 2020

How To Wear Cardigans, How To Get Inspirations For Illustrations

Hi everyone! Today's blog is about cardigans. I really love cardigans all year round, and I have different colors, red, white, blue, pink, etc. My taste is colorful, but there is a right brown cardigan in my closet. That Japanese good brand is "nooy", and they use ladies' clothes from men's pattern. Five or six years ago, I got this cardigan, which is 100% great cashmere. It is so comfortable! Unfortunately, around neck was stretched, but it looks like quiet ruffle.


Nooy cardigan, Souple luz camisole, Uniqlo pants

Cardigan's form trend changes every a few years, but we can make a new silhouette from old cardigan. The way of doing up the buttons, or the way of tuck in the hem pants, the way of layer other tops shows new silhouette. I always pin cardigan's inspirations here on Pinterest. Anyway, I drew big illustrations recently for me, and I drew the cucumber dress for Japanese beauty magazine in the second from the last picture. The cucumber dress was inspired by Lady Gaga's meat dress. I wanted to draw an elegant cucumber headband, so I remembered that Franca Sozzani is wearing a headband in the film, "Franca: Chaos and Creation". I love that documentary film, and I would love to share her home tour video with you! First, we can see that she is wearing a cardigan. After that, there are some cucumbers(?) in her kitchen. Many different designers chairs are placed, and that is perfect layout. All of the spaces keep beautiful balance between bold and sensitive. Her identity and philosophy is expressed in her houses. I feel comfortable and motivative. There is a beautiful idea around a desk on 0:17, and that idea is great for a small space, too. It is difficult to keep balance by a lot of news about COVID-19, so I try to see more beautiful images, listen beautiful sound, and smell beautiful perfumes. Thank you for always your warm comments, and I am looking forward to seeing your blog always! Please stay safe!!

数年ごとにカーディガンもトレンドがありますが、ボタンを留めるたり外したり、パンツにインしたり重ね着したり、ちょっとしたことで新しいシルエットになります。Pinterestで素敵なカーディガンのコーディネイトを集めたのでよかったら参考にしてみてくださいね。この日は部屋に飾る大きな絵を自分用に久しぶりに描きました。最後の二枚の写真は、発売中の雑誌のお仕事のイラスト。「ビューティ都市伝説」という面白い企画でした。レディ・ガガの生肉ドレスを思い出しながらきゅうりパックドレスをデザイン。きゅうりのカチューシャをおしゃれに見せたくて、憧れの女性の1人、フランカ・ソッツァーニを意識しました。映画「フランカ・ソッツァーニ 伝説のVOGUE編集長」の中でカチューシャではないんですけど、ヘアバンドをつけようかどうしようか考えているシーンが印象的だったので。フランカの家を紹介した動画もおすすめです。カーディガンを着たフランカがとてもエレガント。きゅうりのような食材も登場します。いろんなデザイナーの椅子の配置、空間のバランス、どこを見ても大胆さと繊細さ、こだわりと潔ぎよさの見事な調和に吸い込まれます。 0:17のデスクコーナーではスモールハウスでもできそうなアイデアもいっぱい。つい、コロナニュースを見過ぎてバランスを崩しがちですが、美しい映像や音楽や香りをいつもより多めに取り入れて暮らすように心がけています。みなさまもお気をつけて、お大事になさってくださいね。それでは来週もお楽しみに♡

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  1. You are so talented my beautiful friend!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. You are so talented. I like how your paint look, as well as your outfit. Thank you for sharing.

    New Post -

  3. I love how you style the cardigan and I really like your drawing! It gives a sense of calm. Totally agree with you, doing art, drawing, and listening to good music will make us feel better

    style frontier

  4. Looks like such a beautiful cosy cardigan and you wear it well! So interesting seeing your artwork come to life as well :)

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :) We all stayed home and stayed safe, hope you did too.

    Away From Blue

  5. I love this illustration. You're so talented and your outfit is really cute.

  6. Great post dear, so nice and interesting, love it!  

  7. Oooh hey Akiko! Good to know you're spending some days at home and that you are safe and sound and cozy with that beautiful cardigan, it reminded me of the one worn by Katie Holmes a few months ago, it became an iconic garment in a matter of minutes haha!

    Love how you mix illustration, lifestyle, interiors and your thoughts in one single post. Your drawing of the lady in a cucumber dress actually reminded me of Lady Gaga from the very first second and then you pointed out that you got the inspiration from her haha, so funny, this is like the vegan version of that outfit.

    I know about this documentary about Franca Sozzani! I'll check it in the upcoming days for the Quarantine! If you're interested the archive of Vogue Italy is free to consult these days :)

    All the best Akiko!

  8. Ah yes the cardigan is nice, but I LOVE your illustrations!!!

    Allie of

  9. Your big frame illustration is soooooo BEAUTIFUL. I loved seeing images of you creating. I sometimes like to create big frame illustrations too. I love your art style!

    Cardigans are very comfy. I love them as well. Great photos. I will check out that documentary. Recently I have watched Dita Von Tease home tour on YouTube, her home looks exactly how I imagined it to look like.

  10. I live in cardigans lately as well. I'd say cardigan weather but I am stuck at home so it's mostly comfort