Sunday, April 19, 2020

Makeover My Office And Easy Stretch

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well during this difficult time. Staying home for long time is not good for me occasionally, so I redecorated my room. To be honest, I did it for half a day and returned furnitures back where they were because I took photos for today's blog. It sounds bothersome, doesn't it? However, I tried to redecorate for only half a day. Then I felt like a day trip!!


This dress is from Equiptment. I got it for an event last month, but it was postponed. For that reason, I wore it for today's blog. Unfortunately, I get a static electricity from the dress... However, I really love the textile and silhouette. It is also elegant when I styled tights with the dress in the forth photo. This time, I took photos for my Etsy shop, too. Those pictures became a delusion that I could move house or travel somewhere. If you can't put up with staying home, makeover your room for shooting a photo of your SNS makes you happy. In addition, you can find a lot of dust, then your room will be clean! Cleaning rooms are also exercise for you. I would love to exercise more, so I came up with easy stretch exercise with a yoga mat. I posted how to the stretch here! When we are sad in the crisis, I think it could be the best do your part. Taking a deep breath helps us concentrate to do it! Thank you for always your lovely comments, and I am looking forward to visiting your blogs across the globe!

お洋服についてですが、このエキップモンのシャツワンピースは先月お買い物して、春のお出かけを楽しみにしていたもの。イベントが延期になってしまったのでお家で着てみると、静電気がひどくて足にからみついてきました・・・。でも、デザインは素敵ですので、4枚目の写真のようにタイツを履いてもエレガントです。 この日はブログ撮影以外に、私のEtsyの掛軸ショップの商品撮影もしました。こうやって写真に残ると、引っ越ししたような、違う場所に旅行してきたような、不思議な気分になれます。みなさまも、もし衝動的に外出したくなってきたら、SNSに投稿する写真のためだけでも「よっこらっしょ」と家具を動かしてみると楽しいですよ。どっさりほこりも出てきますのでお掃除のチャンスです。いい運動にもなります。でも、やっぱり運動不足になりがち・・・。そこで思いついたのがこのヨガマットを使ったストレッチ。詳しいやり方はこちらです。日々、悲しいことや、うまくいかないことなどもあると思いますが、大きく深呼吸して、自分の役割に集中することがベストです。そうはいっても、なかなか集中できなくて反省しながら生活しています。それでは来週もお楽しみに♡

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  1. dress looks pretty, too bad static electricity is there too. Also I am in love with your ring so beautiful! Your office looks very neat, I am sure it is nice working there

  2. Hey Akiko, hope you enjoyed your weekend!

    To set up a working comfortable routine is always important, but specially these days due to the lockdown, so in order to provide wellness to our mind and to our body stretching is vital. I love stretching from time to time, specially in the morning and after my workout routine :) Thanks for the tips you're giving us, I found out your illustration on pinterest is not only useful but gorgeous at the same time!

    Funny story with the static electricity, but the dress is pretty and I liked how you styled it with those slippers, that look comfortable to stay indoors but they are chic at the same time.

    And I told you before but your decoration is always inspiring to me :D Loved to discover tiny little details like the zebra in your office... And I want to try the Aesop and Diptyque room spray! Right now I'm burning Diptyque candles, but I don't know if the spray is better to fill the room with more oddor.

    Have a nice weekend ahead!

  3. Great post!
    I have been cleaning a lot too. Your office is so nice, I like all the plants.

    Perla Lifestyle Blog

  4. That is such a beautiful dress, but such a shame about the static. This used to be something that didn't bother me but lately it really does. It just leaves me feeling very uncomfortable hahaha! I love that you redecorated your space, only to move it all back again. I too am known to do this myself sometimes!


  5. I love your outfit! you look amazing it's really gorgeous! 

  6. Akiko San your home office is so neat and organised. I love how simple but elegant it is! I saw a Tom Ford perfume and i love the brand too. I have just recently cleaned and reorganised my desk too it helps me to clear my mind.

    style frontier

  7. Your home office looks amazing. It is nice to do a home make over, that's always fun. I love how you redecorated and then decided to move things back in place. You know what best works for your home office. I need to organize our home too. I've been making little steps to make it more comfortable but I miss my real 'home' sometimes. I'm only temporarily in this apartment until my work contract ends.

    You look beautiful in that dress. It's a shame about the static, though. Maybe there is some way to make it go away? Would a fabric softener or something of the kind help?

  8. What a lovely office and your dress is super glam!
    Kisses, Paola.


  9. Akiko you have such beautiful work space. I love it! And pretty dress as well.
    Have a lovely day!

  10. Your office look so beautiful. I like details and how you decorate it. Thank you for sharing.

    New Post -

  11. How beautiful and well organized. I see that you are making the most of this strange time, getting things in order.