Three Outfits With A Statement Belt From BV

Hello everyone! I hope you are safe! Today's blog is about three outfits with the same belt from Bottega Veneta. To be honest, I got this belt with shoes at the flagship shop in Ginza before Coronavirus quarantine in Tokyo. You can see about the shoes here. When I went the shop, there was nobody there except for me although many international people enjoy shopping there usually. It felt like that I rend the whole shop. I also experienced seeing the first-class interior, so I bought the belt on impulse although I decided to buy only shoes. I often do like that...Anyway, I would love to share my new outfits with this belt.


The fascination of this BV belt is the artistic buckle and beautiful leather. It reminds me of Elsa Peretti. Light-weight trench coats or rain coats get upgraded quickly with the belt. First, I styled this over sized trench coat with the belt. I found this coat from Levi's last spring, and it is trendy silhouette this spring again. Next, I wore the belt on my kitchen apron. It's perfect! Lastly I challenged to do "Pillow Challenge" that is one of challenges for "Stay Home". I chose some accessories with the belt. As a final touch, the gold cosmetic pouch became an evening bag! This idea was from a green book "Style" by Kate Spade, and she wrote that we can use a pen case instead of an evening bag. I also read her article saying that we can use a cosmetic pouch instead of an evening bag. Recently I read some old books again and remember what I wanted to try someday. A sketch in the third to the last image is a one of ideas for today's blog. I asked my son and my dog to challenge to wear pillow dresses with me. Unfortunately, they rejected that suggestion, but we had a great time during the photo shoot. How did you challenge to do new things at home recently? Are you planning to challenge to do new things?

この、BVのベルトの魅力は、エルサ・ペレッティーのベルトを彷彿させるバックルの形としなやかなレザー。薄手のトレンチやレインコートがさりげなくグレードアップします。せっかくなので、エプロンにも合わせてみたら予想以上のマッチングに感動しました。世界中で流行っているピローチャレンジも、このベルトを中心にして他のアクセサリーを考えました。イブニングバッグの代わりにゴールドの化粧ポーチを合わせるアイデアは、ケイト・スペードの緑の本『 STYLE』から。ペンケースがイブニングバッグの代わりになることが書いてあり、他にも何かのインタビューでケイト・スペードさんが化粧ポーチもOKとおっしゃていたのを覚えていますそんなふうにして、家にある本を再読して、やってみたかったことを思い出して試してみるが最近とっても楽しいです。下から三つ目のスケッチは今回の撮影のコンテ。アンジさんと五郎さんにもピローチャレンジをしてもらいたかったけど、このコンテを見せたら断られました。それでは、また来週もお楽しみに♡

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  1. Nice details 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. Ah such a great stylish belt! And you did a great job styling it! And the pillow chic, LOVE it : )

    Allie of

  3. Hahaha nice challenge Akiko! First of all hope you're doing great!

    I loved that the BV belt got good with every single outfit decision, even with the pillow dress it looks fantastic and it adds the perfect chic touch :)

    And you made cooking even a chic activity, I'd say that detail is like the motivation you need to elevate every situation to a fashion situation haha!

    Oooh and I liked that Goro was a character in these pictures!

    Take care and keep creative!

  4. This BV belt is so beautiful. I love the first outfit you have worn it with. I also like that you wore it in the kitchen with your apron. Styling it in a pillow challenge was a fun ideas as well. Your dog look cute too. You have a lovely home.

  5. I am in love with your belt ever since you posted the pillow challenge! It looks so awesome, I definitely need more statement belts in my closet

  6. Very beautiful outfits. Pillow challenge is a great and fun idea. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nice belt, nice outfits, the last one is really funny:)

  8. This is so funny and nice how you present that belt. I can't decide which one is my favorite. Thank you for sharing.

    New Post -

  9. Stunning belt Akiko! I love that you joined in on the pillow challenge.
    Happy weekend!


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