Happy Styling Trendy Sandals With A Timeless Clothe

Hi everyone! I posted the dark sides in Tokyo on the previous post, so I had a photoshoot at a beautiful and small park near my home. To tell the truth, I wanted to go somewhere like "Little house on the prairie", but I din't do that because it was very far away. Anyway, we went to the small park although there are usually many kids, dogs, and practicing dancers. Fortunately, I saw only a man.

This clothe from The Row is a little unique, and I got it a few years ago. The material and stitching are of really high quality. The design looks unique, but I feel like that it is timeless because the brand's style inspired by timeless arts. I speculate the reason from their instagram. This year, I styled new sandals from Staud with the clothe. Adding something new trendy items make me refreshed when I wear an old clothe. It is magical! I wore those sandals for the first time, and I was so moved because my feet were not sore! Additionally, I bet the sandals go well with different items.This reusable bag is from Puebco, and it is so light and robustly constructed. It is good for rainy day, and the design is simple and stylish. The sky is gloomy, but leaves and flowers keep pulling moisture. Thank you always for your supports and lovely comments! Have a great week!!

本日のファッションポイントは、少し個性的な数年前のTHE ROWのお洋服。THE ROWは生地も縫製もしっかりしているし、ひとひねりあるデザインなのにベーシックに感じられるところが素敵。その理由はきっと、ブランドの世界観が普遍的なアートにインスパイされているから。今回はこのお洋服に、ネッタポルテで見つけたSTAUDの新作サンダルを合わせました。足元をトレンドデザインの靴にするだけで、手持ちのアイテムが魔法のようにリフレッシュ。STAUDの靴は初めてでしたけど、初回でも足が痛くならなくて感動しました。どんなコーディネイトにも合わせやすいのでこの夏は出番が多そうです。それから、この大きなPUEBCOのエコバッグもおすすめ。軽くて丈夫、雨にも強くておしゃれ!空は雨雲で暗くても緑やお花がみずみずしくて、人間も潤ってくるような気がしてきます。それではみなさま、来週も楽しみにしていてくださいね。

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  1. Nice post 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. Hey Akiko, how was the weekend? Hope you enjoyed it :)

    I love that you went out for a stroll at this beautiful park, wouldn't mind to visit it since the view looks really nice, peaceful and full of interesting details like the flowers *__*

    Now talking about the look I love to see the pieces by The Row, very minimalistic but with an interesting and unexpected twist. It was founded by the Olsen twins, I always liked her style and her approach to different kind of art :) I also like Staud, have you seen their bags? I bet you would like them!

    And that color suits so good on you, hope you manage to enjoy the rest of the summer :)


  3. You look so cute dear! Love those trendy sandals! Great post!


  4. Super glam sandals, I love the heels!
    And such a glam idea to wear that dress with denim shorts!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  5. You looks so sweet and gorgeous. Also, im in love with those flowers! <3

  6. So pretty and like you said timeless! Love these park photos... looks so green.
    Have a great day Akiko! <3 Radi


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  8. You look amazing 🌹🌹

    I'm following you, would you like to become friends? 💐

    Shades of Silvie

    Have a lovely day 🌸

  9. I love this cloth! I would totally wear it quite often if I had it. I looks unique. I totally thought it was a dress before I saw you had simple outfit under. super cute. and the color is happy and earthy, love it!

  10. This vest dress looks wonderful on you. Great shorts and sandals as well. I like your oversize bag too. Very chic combo.
    This park looks beautiful!

  11. I love your outfit and these flowers look very beautiful.

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