Great Geta (Japanese Sandals) From Mrs R

Hello everyone! I hope you are having wonderful day. This summer a lot of summer festivals were called off. I love watching women wearing yukata (summer kimono) for summer festivals, so I am sad. Sometimes I am asked by some people, "Can we wear yukata even on days when there is no festival?" I said, "Yes, ofcourse!". Many people think that we can wear yukata only summer festival or onsen ( hot spring), so strangers used to ask me," Is today a festival day? Lately people wear mask, and nobaby talk to me. One day, a young man who didin't wear mask asked me, "Can I touch your dog?" I was a little surprised, and Goro barked. Anyway, we usually wear geta (Japanese sandals) with yukata. My friend Mrs R gave me some geta for me. She gave me fabulous kimono before, and I posted about it here. I wore one of geta from Mrs R for today's blog, and it is made from ancient sugi tree (a Japanese cedar).


I have some different geta, but it was the first time I wore geta mabe from ancient sugi tree. When I wore the geta, I felt like a tree's memories from my soles of feet. We can wear geta with not only yukata but also casual kimono. I would love to wear geta with a skirt! Gwen Stefani styled geta with a tight leopard skit when she sang " Sunday Morning". It's so wonderful outfit. Althoug her skirt is middle length, but I think that a long tight skirt also goes well with geta. Geta is a casual itme, so I wanted something elegat. Then I added heart-shaped peral earrings and lace-shaped silver ring. They look also cool in summer. It gets hotter in Tokyo. How is temperature in your contry? Enjoy summer and take care!

下駄はいくつか持っていますが、古代杉の下駄ははじめて。この下駄は、足の裏から杉の木の記憶が伝わってくるような感じがするんですよ。下駄は、浴衣だけでなく紬などのカジュアルな着物にも合わせられますが、次はお洋服にも合わせてみたいです。 Sunday Morningを歌っている時のグウェン・ステファニーは豹柄の膝丈のタイトスカートに合わせてとてもお洒落。下駄を履くとカジュアル感が大きくなるので、ハートのパールのイヤリングや、レースをモチーフにしたシルバーリングなど小物でエレガントさを足しました。それでは、また来週もお楽しみに。暑くなってきましたので、熱中症にお気をつけてくださいね。

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  1. Your photos are so beautiful and your dog so cute. You look amazing.

  2. Hello Akiko, hope you had a magical weekend :)

    I love when you tell stories about traditions, things and other details of Japan, I would love to visit one day :)

    First of all good to know that you're still able to celebrate in some way or another despite the virus, that's wonderful, specially because you're able to wear this amazing kimono and now the geta sandals! Didn't know a lot about them but I enjoy reading the story and the way you felt connected to the chronicles and life of an ancient tree that was part of this earth! That's deeply beautiful!

    As usual the photos and the editions are beautiful! Oooh and your art in one of the pictures!

    Have a wonderful week ahead and enjoy the rest of the summer!


  3. Wow!! This look is super from head to toe!!

  4. This is such a beautiful outfit on you and the accessories work so well with it! it's nice someone came up to see your dog too! I think dogs are a great conversation starter! :)

    Hope that your week is off to a good start! :)

    Away From Blue

  5. You are so talented with your drawings! Such a lovely drawing style ❤

    Blog de la Licorne * Instagram * We♥It

  6. These sandals look very nice and your kimono is so beautiful.

  7. Your yukata is so beautiful. I agree with you, why wear yukata only for festivals. If we have beautiful traditional garments, we should wear them every day. Your geta are so wonderful and simply a perfect pairing with your gorgeous yukata. I love this white and blue pattern, so classical.

  8. I was always excited when I saw ladies in ukatas in Japan, there were not that much but assumed they are just feeling fancy or going somewhere special, may be because it was not a festival season yet. The geta look so awesome! It’s so fancy. Is it hard to walk in them? I guess the wooden sole must be heavy


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