Sunday, May 03, 2020

The Reason Why I love My Home And Beautiful Kimono From Mrs R

Hi everyone! It started "Golden Week" (early-May holiday season in Japan), but many people chose not to travel. I think that it might be not comfortable to stay home during the holiday for some people, so today's blog is the reason why I really love my home. I used to rent an office and employee assistants, but I decided to work at home five years ago. It was my important experience though It had been very hard time until I got used to play multiple roles at home.


Five years ago, my son was a senior exam student and my dog was 10 years old. It was very hard to take care of them at that time. I used to ask my assistants and housekeeper to help housework, but I let them go because I recognized that I was not good at employing people. Then, I challenged to work at home by myself. It took me about two years to get used to do it, but I could do my best because I had done my best whenever my future looked bleak. Just when I had a very difficult problem, I asked my family for help. Although I was hasty, I became patience to get good quality from slow working. Now I prefer quality to quantity, and it is happy time to think about sustainable life with my favorite vintage clothes and furnitures. Suddenly, an attractive lady, Mrs R gave me some her kimono! It was the first time to meet her about 10 years ago at a Haiku party. I really appreciate her sustainability. We were not be able to see until we get back to our normal lives, so I took today's photos to show her, and I would love many people to know about the fascination of sustainable kimono. In addition, I discover a new place to take a good photo. That is a balcony on the third floor. I appeared on the balcony, and my son looked up on the ground and took my picture. Recently, I am really into discover more other good places at home. That is the reason why I love my home! How about you?


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  1. Great post 😊 have a lovely day...

  2. Amazing post! I truly loved the photos you shared!

  3. You have a beautiful home. I like that photograph your son took of you at the balcony. It was also great to see your art and to see you while you are painting and working on your illustrations. Your sketches and illustrations look wonderful. You're doing a great job.
    I'm sure that working from home took some getting used to. I'm also working from home as a teacher now. I prefer working directly with kids, but we must all adapt to this new situation. I do miss my 'real home', now I'm a rented place and I look forward to returning to my real home when my contract is over. At the same time, I'm happy because I live on a beautiful island now.
    Your kimono looks so beautiful. Such a nice gift. How nice it is a sustainable kimono. I think all kimonos are in a way sustainable because of the way they are tailored and cut to make the most out of the material, they are like works of art. You always look gorgeous wearing a kimono...and very happy too.

  4. Such a cute round balcony!!!
    I love your kimono, my stylish friend!
    Kisses, Paola.


  5. You have a beautiful home and I love the shot from the balcony.
    Beautiful Akiko!

  6. You look so, so pretty! I'm in love with your kimono, it's very special and beautiful :)

    xoxo ❤
    Melania |

  7. A wonderful post, Akiko, the kimono is stunning and I love your home as well. What a beautiful thing it is, to love one's home. I love mine but it has trees all around it and the light is hardly ever good enough for photos :-)

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  9. Your home is full of such a beautiful details. Also that kimono is amazing. Colour and details are so wonderful.

  10. Oooh Akiko, your blog posts are always inspiring and you know how to add value to your articles :)

    I love your home and since a few years ago I am a lover of interior design, I think this kind of things are important since as creative workers we spend a lot of time inside offices and studios, so it is important to surround ourselves with the right environment that can boost our creativity and keep our minds fresh right? I love to see that your house has a lot of cute details, like the little balcony and the table or small bench where you put the ink.

    And that kimono is beautiful, such a lovely gift that looks like a piece of art.... by the way are you wearing the Tabi shoes? I don't know, I was curious but I don't know if this is a similar design.

    Keep working, your illustrations are always beyond amazing :)