Sunday, September 13, 2020

Blouse and Maxi Skirt Both Made From Matching Cloth

Hello everybody! I hope you are doing well. Last week, I turned 50 years old! I had a photo shoot with my son and my dog, Goro on my birthday, and I wore this blouse and maxi skirt which both made from matching cloth from DVF. This bag is a gift with Japanese fashion magazine, Eclat.
みなさま、こんにちは。お元気で一週間過ごせましたでしょうか。私はちょうど50歳になりました! 誕生日はアンジとゴローと本日のブログ撮影をしました。DVFのセットアップのドレスとマキシスカートで少しだけドレスアップ。バッグは雑誌eclatの付録です。ミュールは五郎のハーネスと同じ色のピンクにしました。

I found these blouse and skirt on SHOPBOP three years ago. You can see about them here! A top and bottom made from matching cloth are so good to mix and match. I love styling different tops with this skirt. My clothes matelial is silk, so it is so comfortable in September in japan. When it is hot, I roll up my sleeves. To be honest, I wanted to purchase a new clothe for my birthday, but I thought about this outfit from my closet because I had worn new items on a previous post. At night on my birthday, I wanted a new clothe suddenly.Then, I ordered a beautiful blouse on a online shop! Have you given a birthday gift for you? I hope you will have a happy time on your next birthday!!



  1. These look amazing, at the first look I think it is dress. I like pattern and how look it.

  2. A STUNNING outfit, dear Akiko. Every detail is perfect. I hope you are keeping well and safe, my friend.

  3. Hello Akiko, hope you're doing good!

    I left a congratulations message in one of your previous posts but just in case you didn't see it.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How do you celebrate birthdays in Japan?!

    It is cool to celebrate one more year of life, specially if you were with your beloved ones and you took the time to have a photoshoot, you look super happy and that dress totally fits your personality! Loved the fact that you got flowers to celebrate n.n


  4. Happy Birthday Akiko! I hope you had a great day!
    This set looks incredible on you <3

  5. wonderful outfit for a wonderful day! I already wrote you my wishes but I can't resist and write you it again. Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best, creativity, health, joy, inspiration, joy of your family (including the sweetest Goro) and friends. Love your dress too

  6. How gorgeous you are, Akiko! I love this maxi dress!!!

    Kisses, Paola.


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  7. Happy birthday Akiko.
    Good luck in many ways.

    The clothes you wear are beautifully shaped, the color patterns are also attractive.
    What's also cool is your photo session.