Sunday, October 25, 2020

A Bow Silk Blouse From Casablanca

Hello everybody! How are you? The days are getting shorter in Tokyo, and it is sentimental mood. Lately I often wear this blouse because it is suitable with the mood. It is really great for a photo shoot, so I wore it when I was interviewd and took photos for the newest issue of Be-ST beautify magazine.

みなさま、お元気ですか?日が短くなってきて、少しセンチメンタルな気分になりますよね。 そんな秋の気分にぴったりなCasablancaのボウタイブラウス。ボリュームのあるプリントブラウスは写真映えするので、発売中の美STの取材撮影でも着用しました。

Be-ST beautify magazine featured how to use a smartphone by some women. I recommended Spotify because I could put my some plans into action like a Pavlov dog when I put my play list on. The last image is a screenshot of the latest my Home on Spotify. I talked about Emili Sindlev, and I styled one of my favorite fall outfit inspired by her. The yellow knit wear is from Sayaka Davis around 2017 collection, and the pink pants are from Casablanca 2020 fall collection. Casablanca has beautiful colors, and we can see a making of the prints and color palletes on their instagram stories. I woud like to post my making of illustrations and paintings on SNS, but it has been difficult to make a habit of it. However I can make a habit to post my animation on YouTube once a week! You can see English subtitles by me although my English is poor... I hope you enjoy this week, and Take care!!

美STではスマホの活用法を取材していただきました。お気に入りのスマホアプリは、Spotyfiを推薦。毎日のルーティンに合わせてプレイリストを作ったら、パブロフの犬のように条件反射で行動できるようになりました。一番下の画像は、最近のSpotyfiのホーム画面です。他には、エミリー・シンドレフさんのコーデをヒントに、したスタイリングも撮影してもらいました。黄色のニットは数年前のSayaka Davis、ピンクのパンツはCasablancaです。 Casablancaの服は透き通るような色の配色がとてもきれい。インスタのストーリーズでは、オリジナルプリントの原画を描いているところのビデオがたくさんアップされていて、美しいカラーパレットも見ることができます。私も制作風景をもっとアップしたいのでうが、なかなか習慣にできなくて・・・。でも、YouTubeの面白いアニメはやっと週一で公開できるようになりました。よかったら観てくださいね!それでは、来週もお楽しみに♡

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  1. I love details 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. Hello Akiko,

    As usual one more inspirational post and congrats for the feature in the magazine, you deserve this and even more good things!

    Oooh I can totally relate to you, days are getting shorter here and more restrictions are coming, but hope you can find the things that fill your heart the most and getting creative around house.

    The selection of pieces for this OOTD is really good, they all look good and timeless and the silk shirt from Casablanca (and the bright yellow shoes too) is a perfect garment to wear all over the year, really like that and it totally matches with your creative soul!

    Take care and talk soon,
    Hey Fungi

  3. That blouse is very beautiful and I like how you style it with these trousers. Perfect outfit and your photos in magazine look amazing.

  4. Wonderful photos with umbrella :-) I really love your styling :-)

  5. What a beautiful shirt! I really like the print mix with the pants too, and the shoes are such a fun pop of yellow! :)

    Hope that you are having a good week! It's a pretty stormy one here but the rain is very welcome :)

    Away From Blue

  6. What a gorgeous shirt, I love the whole look!

    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  7. Big Congrats on being featured in a magazine Akiko! So happy for you!
    Beautiful outfit!

  8. Congrats on being featured in the magazine. This blouse you wore is beautiful. I love its fun print and colours, this blouse reminds me of the seventies fashion. The outfit you wore it with is beautiful. Wonderful plaid pants and the yellow shoes are a great match with this outfit as well. Very elegant blazer too! You look beautiful and elegant. Have a great weekend!