Sunday, October 18, 2020

How To Turn A Long Vest Into A Long Skirt

Hi everybody! How was your weekend? I went to Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Literature, and I wore this knitted long skirt. To be honest, the skirt is a long best! You can know about it in the last picture!


I turned a long vest into a dress, and into a long skirt like above picture. It is easy to wear a knitted clothe as a different item because we can strech it easily. I styled this black jacket from Celine with it, and the jacket is so great. The silhouetto is perfect for me. I had been looking for a no-collar jacket for over 10 years, at last I found it!! It was an exciting and happy moment. Anyway, I went to the museum to see The Mariko Hayashi Exhibition. She is a famous writer in Japan and recently she was listed in the Guinness Book. I have drawn illustrations for her essay in a weekly magazine since 2010. You can see it on my portfolio. Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Literature is in the same place as Yamanashi Prefectural Museum. It takes about 2 hours by express train from Tokyo to the museum. I hope you feel the fresh air on today's post!

上の写真のように、ロングベストをワンピースにして、次にロングスカートにしてみました。ニットは伸びるので、簡単に違うアイテムに変化させることができます。セリーヌの黒のジャケットは、先月青山のショップで出合いました。10年以上、ノーカラーのジャケットを探していて、お店で試着すると私の体にぴったり。久しぶりの運命の瞬間でした♡ 文学館へは、林真理子さんの『まるごと林真理子展』を見に行きました。積み上げられた原稿用紙に圧倒されて、林さんの可愛いイラストに癒されて、楽しいひと時でした。先日、週刊文春の林さん連載記録がギネスに認定されましたよね。林さんの連載のイラストを担当させていただいている私もとっても嬉しいです。この文学館は美術館も同じ敷地内にあり、大好きな岡本太郎の作品もありましたよ。空気も驚くほど新鮮でした!東京からはあずさ号で約1時間半、かいじ号で約2時間です。それではまた来週♡

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  1. What a nice post 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. What a fun outfit, even in the rain! I really like the different way you've worn the vest, so creative! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  3. I love how you turned this long vest into a long skirt. Very original and beautiful styling. You look amazing.

  4. So great that you went to a museum and were able to see this exhibition.

  5. this is such a beautiful idea and I like your outfits. Also thank you for sharing these pieces of art. They look amazing.

  6. Hey Akiko,

    It is nice to go out and have a cultural weekend right? So good that you managed to visit this amazing museum and appreciate some of their jewels! That's so nice, also the perfect plan for a rainy day in Tokyo.

    And I totally like your idea of mixing up these garments and turn them into something unexpected and really creative! Love all the layers and how you gave it a creative twist!


  7. I truly like the fact it looks slightly like a knitted one ❤

    Blog de la Licorne * Instagram * We♥It

  8. Totally obsessed with this vest, you are alweays so original and creative Akiko!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  9. Looks so fresh...we totally need this rain here!
    This outfit is super creative Akiko! I love it!

  10. I like this outfit and idea. Thank you for sharing.