How To Decorate A Room With Lovely Japanese Art

Hi everybody! How are you? I am great, but it took me a long time to make today's article ... beceuse I needed to preparation for the theme"How To Decorate A Room With Lovely Japanese Art". However, today's interior picutures are so interesting, so please enjoy seeing with a cup of coffee!


I started to sell hanging scrolls with my paintings on Etsy online-shop,"AkikoHiramatsu" last year. I hope that my artworks become more valuable after people get my artworks, so I will do my best! Sometimes I got a request of limited edition prints. At last, you can get two limited edition digital dwnloard artworks on my online-shop. There are five different size, from A4 to B4. In the first picture, two different artworks of kimono women with the frames are printed by my home printer. I printed on copy papers, but they are so brilliant! When you decorate your room with an artwork, the point is colors of furniture, books, vases, flowers, plants, etc. It is good to select similar colors from the artwork. If you want to add something, it is good to add opposite color or accent color, for examole, I love to add gold. When I can't decide how to decorate, I stop to see three dimensional shape in the room. I see the space like a flat screen, then it is easy to select colors and decide color area. It is difficult to explain about them in English, so I am sorry if you can not understand what I wrote...Anyway, when the decoration is completed, I am so excited and I love seeing it for a long time. It is the same as the moment when I come up with a new outfit. Today's outfit is casual style with the trendy cropped cardigan and jeans. This decent jacket is great for ZOOM business meeting. Next post, I will write about styling with a fashionable mask on 27th. Have a lovely day and wonderful weekend!


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  1. I love details 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. So cute! Nice room it looks cozy <3

  3. This home decor is so cute! Lovely art!
    Lovely Post!

  4. Hey Akiko!

    How you doing? I hope you had a very week :)

    I know you had an Etsy shop, congrats on that! I will love to get something of your beautiful art once I move to a more established house (here or any other time). These artworks seems to mix perfectly with any decoration and they are really a boost to the house, actually I don't like houses that don't have posters or frames on the wall, I think they are like the energy to keep creating or to contemplate in the stressful moments!

    I love how you styled the pieces with your books and with your furniture too! Even Goro looks really good with the art!

    Hey Fungi

  5. Really? Do you have an Etsy shop? Sounds great!
    And I love the deets of this cozy room!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. Your artworks are beautiful and look so good on your wall! :) I like your printed blouse too, what a stylish outfit :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend :) We went out and did more Christmas shopping yesterday which was fun :)

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  7. Totally love all of your artworks! they are very beautiful and makes the room more lively
    Thank you for the decoration ideas to match the furniture or decoration with the artwork. I find it very useful!

  8. Your artwork is amazing and I love how it is displayed in your home. You have a wonderful home and a great sense of style. I would give the same advice to people, to pay attention to colours, especially when framing an art piece or a photograph. Have a nice day beautiful!

  9. Great post dear!Photos are amazing !    

  10. If I had your illustrations by hand, I´d put them everywhere around me ❤

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