Paintings By Ivana Split And Lovely T-shirt With Prints Of Ivana's Illustration

Hello everyone! How are you? My mentality is up and down in early spring, but I think that it is so good to feel new vibe from art because I am so sensitive. People say "sensitive" means negative, but I try to use it to be comfortable, exciting, and happy. Recently, I purchased this T-shirt from IvanaKada. The T-shit's name is "TAKE ME TO THE MOON, PRINCESS"! ! It is so cute, isn't it? The shop owner is Ivana Split. She is a great fashion blogger, and her fasion illustrations are so lovely, too! Last year, she sketched my portrait and posted them(here, here), and she sent me those illustrations of my portrait and her paintings from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japan! Today, I would love to share with you about her great art and this fantastic T-shirt with printed her fashion illustration!

みなさま、こんにちは。季節の変わり目は気分の振り幅が激しくなりませんか?感受性がいつもより敏感になり繊細になれる時期ですので、アートを深く感じることができて心が豊かになれるのは嬉しいです。 さて、本日のこの素敵なTシャツのイラストは、ブロガーフレンドのIvanaの作品です。少し前に、彼女のショップ、IvanaKadaでお買い物しました。TAKE ME TO THE MOON, PRINCESS! という可愛い名前のTシャツ。Ivanaは以前、私のポートレートを彼女のブログで描いてくれて(こちらこちらです)、後日なんと、原画を他の作品と一緒にプレゼントしてくれました! ボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナから海を超えて日本に届いた最新アートです。 それでは、みなさまも一緒にIvanaのアートを楽しんでくださいね。

I really love Ivana's blog, a little place to call my own because her colorful illustrations and her outfit photos make me happy always! Her articles give me joy of fashion, too! Her mixing and matching is also great, and we can see her over 30 otfits with the same item. Additionally, we can see beautiful beaches on her blog, and I feel like that I walk with her by the sea! My favorite her article is Shopping Your Own Closet . Whenever my fashion budget is really tight, the article inspires me. If you want to know about true sustainability, I recommend her blog!!

Ivanaのブログ「a little place to call my own」は、カラフルなファッションイラストとファッションスナップがいっぱい。どんな時でもファッションの楽しさを思い出させてくれるところが大好きです。 しかもIvanaは着回しの達人!同じアイテムの30パターン以上違うコーディネイトを、分かりやすくまとめて解説してくれます。さらに、Splitの美しいビーチを背景に撮影された写真を見ていると、まるでIvanaと一緒に旅行している気分になれるんですよ。 私のお気に入りの記事、Shopping Your Own Closet ではファッション予算が足りない時に何度も救われました。 自分のクローゼットでショッピングする、ってことなんですけど、これこそが本物のサステナビリティ。Ivanaは読書家でもあり、彼女の読書レビューのおかげでずっと気になっていたDUNEもやっと読み始めることができました。Googleの翻訳の日本語訳も読みやすくなっているので、ぜひ、最高のファッションセンスとユーモアと愛に溢れたIvanaの世界に触れてみてくださいね。それでは来週もお楽しみに♡

Alessandra Rich cardigan, IvanaKada T-shirt, Levi's jeans, Roger Vivier shoes, H&H ring

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  1. Wow, you look so fabulous with that T-shirt!
    Ivana such as a great, talented, and pretty girl!
    I enjoy visiting and reading her blog. I just knew she has an online shop.

  2. Thank you so muck Akiko for this wonderful and inspiring post. My heart is full. I'm very happy you like my art and it's nice to see it decorating your walls. Thank you for ordering my t-shirt, it looks great on you, you wear this design fabulously! For the title of this design I was inspired by Frank Sinatra's song Fly me to the Moon, I love that song.
    Thank you so much for recommending my blog and linking up to it!!!

  3. What a wonderful post :) thanks for your sharing...

  4. This tee is very beautiful and Ivana is so talented! I love how you styled it... super cute cardigan!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  5. That is such a cute tee and I like how you styled it with the blue cardigan! It's so nice to see you have her illustrations on your wall too! :) I was lucky to win a giveaway and get some of her illustrations a while back but I need to get them framed and put up, I haven't done that yet sadly!

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

    Away From The Blue

  6. Omg this tee looks like it was made for you Akiko. I love it!
    Love it when I see bloggers supporting one another even if they live miles apart.

  7. I like Ivana blog so much. She is so talented and her illustrations are amazing. That is great the she sent to shirt and illustrations. Shirt look so beautiful.

    New Post -

  8. Wow, looks interesting!  I really liked it!

  9. I also think she had beautiful designs. the t-shirt is really beautiful

  10. Love this T-shirt and blue cardigan look! I really like how you styled it!

  11. How sweet of Ivana to send you these pieces! I love it when artists show support to other artists, beautiful photography Akiko xx


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