My Favorite Daily Look Spring 2021

Hello everyone! How are you? Thank for always seeing and posting your lovely comments! In Japan, we are having a long holiday, but I am working because I have some deadlines after the holiday. I live in a little shopping district, so many working people are motivating! I also love to have a break time, gardening, cleaning, and thinking about new outfits! Lately I am into Daily Looks with an elegant touch!!


The end of April and early May is not good for me sometimes. Sunddenly it is hot or cold, so I am busy to take off a jacket or put on it many times. One of my favorites item, big puff sleeves is not good for the situation. I am so sad..., but I thought about another good outfit! A simple silk blouses go well with sweat shirts or foodies for daily looks. To be honest, I noticed a funny problem while I thought about today's outfit. I wore sneakers front of a mirror, then I looked like a 70s teacher in P.E. class. I changed those sneakers to these pink mules, and I added some gold small things. Additionally, pastel colors with a little gold something take us from P.E. class to Laduree cafe. I hope you will enjoy thinking about new outfits, too!!

気温差に耐えられない体質ですので、この時期は着たり脱いだり大忙し。ちょっと動いただけで暑くなり日陰に入ると凍えそうなほど寒くなります。 大好物の袖コンシャスなブラウスは重ね着に向かないので頻度を落としています。そのかわりベーシックなシルクのブラウスにスウェットかパーカーを合わせて半径1キロ以内のおでかけ。実は、今回のコーデには危険な落とし穴があるんですよ。それはですね、スニーカーを合わせた途端に70年代の体育の先生になってしまうんです。靴はミュールにして、キラキラ小物を全身にまき散らしカジュアル感を薄めながらリッチテイストを加えました。 さらに、パステルカラーのコーデはゴールドの小物を少し加えるだけで、私たちを体育の授業からラデュレのカフェに連れて行ってくれます。それではまた来週もお楽しみに♡

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  1. I tried to imagine the sneakers and no gold here and there you had it: something my p.e. teacher would wear. good nostalgic moment. Also the moment I was version of this outfit without a hoodie i immediately though of Laduree (also may be because my hubby and I were thinking to visit it next week). pastels look wonderful on you.
    P.S. is it Goro on your hoodie and handkerchief?

  2. Pastel colours suit you very well ♥ I love spring especially because people tend to wear these lovely colours 🌿

    Oily & Acne-Prone Skincare *

  3. You look amazing in this set, i really like the everyday elegance :-)

  4. A very nice and stylish look, dear! Love your bag! 

  5. You are always so effortless chic Akiko! I love your shoes!

  6. Hola Akiko,

    I hope you're having a fantastic week so far! This is the ideal season to make crazy and unexpected combinations right? But sometimes a jacket feels that too much but then you have to carry it around the city because you feel the hot weather and then you get frozen at the end of the day haha, kind crazy.

    Loved this combination, from the white top to the sage green pants (favorite current tone in my mind) and then the touch of hot pink with those amazing shoes *_*

    Oooh did you go to the Ladurée cafe? Nice I wouldn't mind to have macarons right now!


  7. What a stylish outfit combo with the pants and shirt together! the bright shoes are a really fun touch with this and I agree they make it look so stylish! You look fantastic and ready for spring :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. Such a pretty outfit.
    I love the pastel color of your pants so much !
    It screams spring. I love it !

  9. Have a beautiful day stylish woman!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  10. Dear Akiko you look wonderful! So elegant, yet with so many interesting and fun details (like that of a little dog) or a fun pop of color (pink). Love the look! xx



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