Matching Set Idea And Outfit For Meiji Jingu, A Shinto Shrine

Hi everyone! Tokyo Olympics Games are in the second half, so I went to Meiji Jingu, a Shinto Shrine near a one of the venues, Yoyogi National Stadium. I hope that you feel fresh air in today's photos. I also drew a map around Meiji Jingu. You can see it in the last image!

On a previous post, I wore the matching set from this season's collection of Auralee. Today's set is from the 2017 collection of Cédric Charlier. I wanted to show it fresh, so I wore the top on back to front. There is a zipper on back, so I just zipped down. It is a nice idea, right? This bag is a small basket, and I usually put beautiful tights in it in my closet. This time, I covered up a Hermes vintage scarf. There is saying that gorgeous outfit is not good for Japanese deities in a shrine because they are shocked, so I wear only a few small accessories and gold shoes. It is good to wear sneakers because Meiji Jingu is so wide. Before it was established in 1920, this area was used as a field for plants. This forest is a manmade forest, being aimed to be a self-regenerating natural forest. If you would love to know about it. I found a great video about it here! You can see the forest plan notes and 3D motion about growing of trees. I wanted to go to the Meiji Jingu Memorial Museum, but it had not been held because of a COVID-19 state of emergency for three prefectures bordering Tokyo. It is the fifth state of emergency declaration in Tokyo. Anyway, I drew a map around Meiji Jingu. We call the area Harajuku, which is popular for young and exciting people. My map is for people who don't walk for a long time like me, hahaha. I hope that the map will be useful for you when you come to Tokyo someday!

前回の投稿では、今シーズンのマッチングセットのお洋服を着ましたが、今回は2017年に購入したセットです。このトップを新しい感じにしたくて後ろを前にして胸元を開けて着てみました。背中のファスナーを下ろしただけです。素敵でしょ!バッグは、クローゼットでよそゆきのタイツを入れてある小さめのバスケット。必需品だけつめて、エルメスのスカーフをカバーにしました。キラキラにしすぎると神様がびっくりしてしまうそうですので、アクセサリーは少なめにして足元は上品なゴールドの運動靴にしました。明治神宮は広いので歩きやすい靴を。 ところで、1920年に明治神宮が創建される前、このあたりは畑だったそうです。そこに木を植えて何年かすると、樹種間淘汰されて環境に適した木の杜になり、現在は当初の計画よりも早く自然林に近い状態に。もっと詳しく知りたい方は、公式サイトの動画がおすすめです。大隈重信と学者たちの当時の記録の木のイラストの図や、杜の成長の様子がよくわかる3Dを見ることができます。こちらです。行きたかった明治神宮ミュージアムは残念ながらコロナで休館中。 今回は大人の原宿マップも作ってみました。私のように体力のない方にぴったりの、原宿駅周辺で満喫できる地図です。それでは、また来週♡


  1. I loved your outfits style:) thanks for your sharing...

  2. Such a beautiful outfit even if you couldn't visit the museum because of the restrictions!

    Hope your week is going well! We are in lockdown this week here :(

    Away From The Blue

  3. Your photos are so beautiful and your dress is perfect. I like it so much. It look so elegant and luxurious.

  4. I love your beautiful floral matching set. It's great how you wore the top on the other side to make the look more fresh and unique. You always have fun styling ideas like that.
    I also like your straw bag and golden shoes.
    This museum and temple looks very spacious so I understand why you recommend sneakers.
    I would love to visit Meiji Jingu some day too!

  5. Such a beautiful outfit. I came here when I saw your comment from other blog. I am very excited that you are from Japan because Japan is the country that I want to go one day. Hajime Mashite from Malaysia :)

  6. Hey Akiko, first of all I hope you're having a lovely week :)

    Thank you for taking us with through Harajuku and many places in Tokyo, you know I would love to go one day! Your illustrated map is helping me to locate interesting spots around the city and Meiji Jingu looks really nice.

    And now talking about the outfit, I love to see this matching set again, ideal for spring-summer and you could even use it in the fall with a denim jacket for example or even with a trench coat! The detail of the silk scarf and the golden shoes is amazing!


  7. Oh this matching set from CC is lovely and looks so good on you. Ugh yes things are getting a little crazy with the restrictions and the digital health pass they all want you to have now...

  8. I love your matching set and your accessories are always super glam!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  9. Great post dear! Photos are amazing !

  10. I've been really enjoying watching the olympics. So fun!
    You look beautiful Akiko! This outfit is so perfect for exploring around Tokyo.


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