Summer Kimono, Tokamachi Akashi Chijimi Like Cicada's Wings

Hello everyone! It had rained for a week in Tokyo, but It has been a sunny day since a couple days ago. Today's post is about this summer kimono. I took the first photo in front of my home last month. This month, my home renovation has started, so the balcony is baby pink now! It is similar to the color of today's kimono. Can you see baby pink in gradation of the kimono's pattern?

I got this summer kimono about 20 years ago at Erizen Ginza shop. I think that I wore it more than 20 times. The shop staff told me about the kimono's history, but I forgot...Anyway I researched it during summer holiday. Many trials and errors by the kimono team inspired me! You can see how to weave on YouTube below. I will keep to wear the kimono and style different items with it. This summer, I styled a monogram pattern bag with it. I wondered if the bag might not go well with the kimono, but it was perfect! This pink parasol goes well with them, too. I relly love the parasol, and I have never seen a parasol like it. I will post it every summer on my blog! What is your favorite summer item? Have a lovely day!

この明石縮の着物は20年くらい前に銀座のゑり善さんで誂えました。初めて反物を目にしたとき、この絣のグラデーションの美しさに一目惚れ。せっかく明石縮の歴史について担当の鳥居さんに教えていただいたのに全部忘れてしまったので、お盆休みに調べて最後にまとめました。気の遠くなるような研究が続けられてきたことを思うと、これからも大切に着ていきたいと思います。10年先、20年先の着こなしも試行錯誤してみたいです。 この夏はモノグラムのバッグを合わせてみました。柄と柄が喧嘩せず、奥深い組み合わせになりました。ピンクの日傘は何度もブログに登場しているお気に入り。同じような日傘を見たことがないので着物と同じように愛着がわきます。みなさまも夏のお気に入りのファッションアイテムはありますか?それでは、来週もおたのしみに♡

【About Akashi Chijimi/ 明石縮について】
There is saying that a ship carpenter's daughter based in Hanshu Akashi thought about "Akashi Chijimi" about 400 years ago. After trials and errors, the reserching place moved to Tokamachi where is good humid for it. Three great experts gathered for the technical development. After about seven years, "Tokamachi Akashi Chijimi" had released! The team had kept trials and errors, then the quality had been developed. People started to be really into it, and they said that the texture is like cicada's wings because of very strong twisting thread and transparent material. 明石縮は今から約400年前に、播州明石の船大工の娘が考案したといわれています。研究が繰り返され明治20年頃に、最高の技術があり湿度も適した十日町へ。最もすぐれた三名の技術者たちが集結!その約7年後に十日町明石ちぢみ」が市場に送り出されました。さらに研究を重ね、十日町小唄で「玉の汗にもちぢまぬ明石」とあるように濡れても縮みにくく、「蝉の翅(せみのはね)」といわれるように強撚糸によるシャキッとした風合いと透け感が人々をとりこにしました。

着物絵巻館 「十日町 明石縮」 here
十日町小唄 here
手技TEWAZA「十日町明石ちぢみ」Tokamachi Akashi Chijimi Weaving

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  1. Hello dear Akiko, hope you had a lovely week!

    Oooh happy to know about the renovation of your balcony, please do some photos for an upcoming blog post. Mine is also ready too and I want to add a mini table and many plants *_*

    The kimono is such a good piece, can't believe you got it 20 years ago, seems that it is a piece of very good quality and I'm sure it will be there for you for many years! I liked how you styled with the parasol and with the tiny earrings that remind me of a jasmine flower!

    Enjoy the rest of the summer!

  2. This is such a beautiful outfit on you, and it's so impressive that you have had this kimono for 20 years! it is a really nice print - the touches of pink are so pretty and I like the matching parasol with it, good idea! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :) I had a fun night out with friends yesterday!

    Away From The Blue

  3. You look stunning as always my dear! Wonderful photos :-)

  4. 20 years? Wow, I love your traditional style and that kimono is very beautiful!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  5. What a beautiful summer kimono! I like the pattern. Lovely accessories as well. That bag is very chic. You look beautiful!
    You always wear kimonos so well!

  6. Awww! You are looking so beautiful and cute in this summer kimono! Loving the bag as well. Wonderful Post! Have a great day!
    Rampdiary | Fineartandyou | Beautyandfashionfreaks 

  7. Beautiful Akiko! I see why you have worn this kimono so many times.
    Really like the touched of pink! Hope you have a happy weekend!

  8. Great styling! Thanks for sharing.

    Abdel | New Blog Post

  9. I stopped by again to look at this gorgeous kimono again!


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