A Luxurious Obi (kimono belt) From A Friend Of A Friend

Hello everyone! I hope you are fine in the beginning of June! Today's blog is about a memento from a friend of a friend. The memento is this luxurious obi (kimono belt). The friend of mine told me, "This obi is from F chan, and she quickly ordered luxury kimono or obi whenever she really loved them! She was so cool!"


F chan's obi came to my home about a year ago, and it reminds me of F chan even though we have never seen. The obi is great and special, so I couldn't decide how to style with it, and I have been looking at it in wonder long time. At last, I thought about a better outfit and decide the day to go to Meguro sky garden with my son! I wrapped the obi talking to F chan's obi. When I put the obi on a sofa, I said to the obi, "Please wait here." When I was wrapping it, I asked her inside the obi, " Is it right?" The obi is really light and soft. It makes me feel luxurious...However an accident happed! A basting thread of a kimono got caught in a zipper of a bag. I hadn't noticed the thread even though I wear the kimono every year. Anyway, the garden is so beautiful! It takes me only 30 minutes on foot. I felt like that F chan also loved the garden! If you come to Tokyo, you should visit the garden<3


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  1. What a gorgeous obi, you have always the best pieces!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  2. I love your outfit! you look amazing it's really gorgeous!

  3. It is such a beautiful outfit on you! I hope the damage from the thread wasn't permanent and you were able to fix it! the belt and kimono work so well together.

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you! It's a fun one here with kids birthday parties :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. I hope that once I will become such elegant lady as you are 💐

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  5. The kimonos are wonderful! I have an original one but it is from when I was a child. The belt but also the ring are beautiful, congratulations! It dresses you like a charm :)
    Would you like to follow each other?

  6. You have styled it so beautifully, Akiko! I love the belt so much, as well as other luxurious details. Also spot my favorite sheer lipsticks in your hands! :-D


  7. This luxurious obi is so beautiful. I also like your kimono and other accessories. Beautiful earrings and bag. You look phenomenal! Lovely photos.

  8. You look amazing in this outfit and this belt looks lovely. Your earrings are so cute!

  9. You look so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing .

    Infinitely Posh

  10. Hello Akiko! How you doing?!

    Oooh I didn't know that this was the meaning of a memento! Really clever and lovely! I love how you can find different types of obi's and that there is a luxurious version. I imagine a lot of hard work and craftmanship is involved to create a piece like this!

    You made a really interesting styling with the bag and with the tiny but shiny earrings! It is one of your most elegant looks *_*

    All the best!


  11. That belt is very beautiful and I like your outfit. You always look amazing.



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