"Okamisan" Teruko Tominaga In Asakusa launched A New Book With My Illustration

Hi everyone! How are you? Today's blog is about Asakusa, which is one of Tokyo's districts. I went there to see a poster for a book with my illustration launch party. The author is Teruko Tominaga, who is a famous team leader in Asakusa. The team revitalized Asakusa over and over again.

Asakusa is similar to my hometown, Toyokawainari. For hat reason, I can feel comfortable whenever I go to Asakusa. This time, I wanted to go to Towada soba restaurant of "Okamisan" Teruko Tominaga. It was really delicious! Have you tried soba? Do you like soba? Fortunately, she used my illustration for Towada noodle soup base package. You can see it here. I am a big fan of soba, so I am really excited! Okamisan and her team members supported with Asakusa Samba Carnival and a complex building, Asakusa Rox. It is one of the amazing things in Japanese history, so many different people have come to see her to ask for advice. Her new book, "Okamino Sugojie" has a lot of tips for getting through the tough world! I hope that the book is translated into English. Lastly, I am going to write about my outfit. This kimono is Shiozawa Tsumugi, and this obi (kimono belt) is hanhaba-obi (a half-width belt) with Fujin and Raijin (the wind and thunder gods). Both of them are traditional items, but people say that Akiko's outfit looks modern and unique. I love to style a modern bag with kimono, so it might be that my outfit looks so. This bag is from Celine, and the name is Lunch Box. What a lovely name! Anyway, I hope you enjoy today's blog and you will be interested in Asakusa!

浅草は故郷の豊川稲荷の商店街と雰囲気が似ているので居心地がいいです。おかみさん(冨永照子理事長)のお店「浅草 十和田」の手打ち蕎麦はキラキラ輝いていてとっても美味しかったです。そしてなんと、十和田のめんつゆのパッケージにも使っていただくことになりました。そのめんつゆはYahooニュースのお写真で見ることができます。浅草サンバカーニバルとROXで救った伝説のおかみさんのところへ、日々、いろんなが相談にいらっしゃるそう。おかみさんが今まで多くの方を励まして勇気を与えた金言がつまった『おかみの凄知恵』は、もうだめだと思った時に、もう一度がんばれるヒントが見つかる一冊です。 最後に、本日のファッションポイント。ピンクの縞の塩沢紬に風神雷神の半幅帯を合わせました。バッグはセリーヌの新作、ランチボックスです。毎日、スパーに行く時にも使っています。雷門の前でこの風神雷神の帯の写真を撮りたかったのですが、なかなか場所が空かなくて諦めました・・・。それではまた来週♡

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  1. Such a beautiful kimomno! I really like!

  2. Your kimono is so beautiful and the obi is fantastic too. The bag you wore with this kimono is very chic too. You have such great taste. Thank you for showing us around Asakusa city. I see why you feel comfortable there- it is so beautiful....and as you say, also because Asakusa reminds you of your hometown.
    Thank you for telling us about this book. I hope it gets translated too. Have a nice day.

  3. Hello Akiko hope you're having a lovely week and HAPPY FRIDAY!

    I loved this little walking with you around Asakusa and I also want you to congratulate you for the feature in the book! The illustration seems wonderful as usual! Wishing you the best so you can more similar projects :)!

    And it is so nice to hear that Asakusa reminds me you of your town, that's amazing and I would love to take a walk around those streets and see the temple and of course try the typical food from there. I love many Japanese dishes so I'd love to go one day!

    To end, I liked how you styled the kimono with the obi and the bag in tan color, it makes an interesting nice contrast!


  4. Well done! Your illustrations will uplift any book.

  5. Just stopping by to wish you a nice weekend!

  6. Genial look lindo lugar. Te mando un beso

  7. Congrats Akiko, I always love your illustrations! And what a cute bag!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  8. Sounds like you had a great time in Asakusa. The cover of the book is beautiful!

  9. You look so elegant dear Akiko! I absolutely love the kimono and your little bag, everything works so well together. Congratulations on the amazing book cover too! The illustration is so eye catching and I like the red cover. What a beautiful day in Japan, my absolute dream destination! xx


  10. It's awesome they used your illustrations! the book cover looks beautiful, so does your outfit. That is such a fun statement bag and it fits with your outfit so nicely :)

    Hope your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From The Blue

  11. I love all the photos - the street signs, you fun book cover and that gorgeous purse. You look wonderful, as always.


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