The First Large-scale Miró Exhibition For Japan

Hi readers! How are you? Today I will post about "Joan Miró and Japan" exhibition in Tokyo. The exhibition is the first large-scale Miró Exhibition for Japan, and it is possible to know how Miró loves Japan.
みなさま、こんにちは。お元気ですか? 本日は、Bunkamuraで開催中のミロ展のリポートです。世界初の大規模展というのも驚きですが、ミロがこんなにも日本のことを好きでいてくれたことに嬉しくて感動しました。

First, I am going to write the reason why I chose this light green kimono. There are a lot of colors in Miró's artworks, so I thought that plain kimono is the best without bothering Miró. After the exhibition, I knew about his taste of Japanese handicrafts. For taht reason, I think that Tsumugi kimono(that means casual kimono or pongee fabric kimono) is also good for the exhibition. You can see Tsumugi kimono here, here, here. Tsumugi has the same atmosphere as Japanese handicrafts. There are many Japanese handicrafts from Miró's collection in the exhibition.
はじめに、この日の着物のお話です。ミロの作品は色数が多いので、無地の着物が無難かなと思い色無地を選びました。展覧会では、ミロ が集めた日本の民芸品も見ることができました。ミロの好みの日本の民芸が分かると、紬の着物も合うと思いました。こちらこちらこちらで着ているような紬です。

We don't have to take photos in the museum, but there is the special place to take a photo with Miró in front of the entrance. I can tell you his lovely story from the exhibition, too! When Miró was 73 years old, he came to Japan for the first time. After he went back to Spain, he showed his friends Japanese handicrafts and photos. Then, his friends were so excited. "Oh, these are so Miró!!", they said. Miró painted something black inspired by Japanese calligraphy in his paintings. I feel fear from a few black parts, but other parts around them are optimists. He could tell me how to balance the different feelings. Aftere seeing the exhibition, I had tea time at one of my favorite cafes in the same building as the museum. We ordered special chocolate sets inspired by the exhibition. They told us, "it is popular in Spain". I was so moved because it was really delicious and similar colors and composition to "Snail, Woman, Flower, Star, 1934 by Joan Miró". The exhibition information is here. I am curious about other Miró exhibitions in the world, too! How is your place? Have you seen Miró's exhibitions? Lastly, enjoy the video from Miró's grandson!

ここの美術館では撮影禁止ですが、入り口のところに一箇所だけ撮影ブースがありました。うまくはまると、1枚目の写真のように、ミロとお話しているみたいに撮れるんですよ。展覧会ではミロについていろんな発見がありました。まず、ミロが初来日したのは、なんと73歳の時。スペインへ戻ったミロは、友人たちに日本の民芸品や写真を見せました。すると、みんなから「これはミロだ!ミロだ!」と言われたそうです。その後、ミロは作品の中に印象的な黒いものを描くようになりました。それらは日本の書に影響されているそうです。抽象的で真っ黒いものの中には時々怖さを感じるものもありますが、そのまわりにある楽しそうなものたちが怖さを中和してくれているように思えます。もしかしたらミロは異なる感情のバランスの取り方を作品で教えてくれているのかもしれないですよね。展覧会の後に、ドゥ マゴパリでミロ展とコラボのチョコラーテのセットをいただきました。ミロの有名な絵画「カタツムリ、女、花、星」と同じ色調、同じコンポジション。本場スペインのように、チョコラーテの中にチュロスを浸してみたら、驚くほどおいしかったです。「ミロ展ー日本を夢見て」は4月17日まで。最後に、お孫さんのジュアン・プニェット・ミロさんからのメッセージ動画も♡


  1. What a beautiful event :) I was wondering about your dessert:D

  2. The chocolates look delicious and it's nice you had a fun time exploring the exhibit! :)

    I really like that pretty scarf with the pale green kimono too! :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend :) We went to a birthday party yesterday which was fun.

    Away From The Blue

  3. Great that you had a chance to visit this Miro exhibition. I wasn't familiar with this artist. It is fantastic that he loves Japan and feels inspired by it. I'm also inspired by Japanese art and culture.
    Your light green kimono is gorgeous. You look fantastic. Thank you for sharing your impressions about Miro's art for introducing us to this artist.

  4. I love reading your blog when u bring us any event at Japan. You look so cute in green kimono. One day I would love to wear the kimono!

  5. Miro is absolutely talented. And I love your traditional outfit!

  6. Hi Akiko! Just stopping to wish you a lovely weekend.

  7. Hey Akiko,

    I just felt really happy after reading this blog post since it is all about Miró and the way Spain is linked to Japan. Hope you can visit Spain one day, actually we are a little bit obsessed with Japan too and I'd say your beautiful country also inspired the work of many artits like Miró.

    It seems that you have a really complete experience about the life and work of Miró . You even had the typical Spanish chocolate :) I think there are many interesting points of view of the work of Miró since it is also making an influence in the current work of many artists, designer and architects. So I am really happy to read that you enjoyed this day at the exhibition.

    I had the chance to visit Miró studio in Mallorca last year and the place is really magical. Google it if you can :)


  8. Oh how exciting to attend this exhibit and loved hearing how you chose this particular kimono to wear to the event. This color looks very nice on you. I wonder if this will be in NY?

    Allie of

  9. His art is amazing. Like your wrote he like combine a lot of colors and your kimono perfectly fit with ambient, but I can't stop watch last photo. It is something special in his work.

  10. oh wow! the exhibition looks so awesome! I would LOVE to visit it for myself. gorgeous food and your personal style is op point as usual

  11. I learned about Mio during my time in university, but I have never seen his exhibition. So glad that you had a good time in the exhibition, it sounds great !
    I like your light green kimono as well, perfect for spring


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