A Plaid Kimono Like lattice design At Tokyo Opera City

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day in the middle May! Thank you for reading my blog at different each place in the world, and it is really fantastic. Lately Goro is getting better, so I went out to a gallery near my home and to see Toko Shinoda: a retrospective for two hours. Goro wakes up every two or three hours, and he howls. It was a very short time, but wearing kimono makes me feel like that I took a trip for a few days.

It was the second time to see Toko Shinoda Exhibition. Her style is mixed traditional calligraphy with modern abstract expressionism, and her composition is so cool and pure. It is amazing that she expressed infinitely with only Sumi (Japanese black ink) and a few other colors. Whenever I see her works, I feel like that we can also make infinite different outfits from items we have already. Then, I would love to think a lot about kimono's mix and match. You can see other outfits with this plaid kimono like lattice design here,here,here. I used to style this plaid kimono like a lattice design like a girl, but now today's kimono outfit looks chic. To be honest, I had assumed it was young kimono for a long time because some people said to me like that. However, I wanted to wear it forever. I looked it from a different perspective. Then it looked like Mondrian composition series. It was amazing that a cute lattice transformed into a great painting!I styled some kimono's items on the great kimono like making collage art. It was so fun! If you don't have kimono, you can do it for your dress. Let's find something lovely in your closet, and see you next post!
篠田桃紅さんの展覧会を見るは、今回が2回目です。桃紅さんは書とアブストラクトペインティングを見事に融合させた偉大な芸術家。エッセイもたくさん書かれています。墨と限られた色を使った無限のシリーズ作品をながめていると、着物のコーデも、今あるものの中でもっと組み合わせのバリエーションが増えそうな気がしてきました。これまでの、この着物の着まわしはこちらこちらこちら。可愛い感じのコーディネイトが多かったので、今回はシックにまとめてみました。 実はこの着物、若い方が着る着物だと決めつけていました。実際に、そう言われたことも何度かありましたが、何だかまだ着れそうな気がしたので視点を変えてみることに。カラフルな可愛い格子柄は、モンドリアンの有名なコンポジションシリーズの絵画のように洗練されたアートのようにも見えてきませんか。シックなコーデのイメージを浮かべながら、帯、帯締め、帯揚げ、バッグを足したり引いたりを繰り返して完成させました。とても楽しかったです。みなさまも、若すぎるかなあと思うお着物が眠っていたら、ぜひ試してみてくださいね。それでは次回もお楽しみに♡


  1. I loved this post :) thanks for your sharing...

  2. Beautiful kimono.. simple design..love it

  3. Great art. And I love your kimono, the plaid fabric is nice.
    You look beautiful!


  4. Hey Akiko, how are you?! I am so happy to see your content once again on your blog (one of my favorites to read of course :)) First of all I am happy to read that Goro is doing better, sending him my best vibes from Spain so he can go and take walks around Tokyo soon again!

    Now talking about the post, you always take us to the best venues in the city! And surrounded with art, nice food and incredible fashion. Talking about the kimono I fell in love with the pattern in squares, I have a similar piece but obviously not an impressive kimono, would love to see one in the future when I visit Japan :) And I liked how you mixed it with the YSL bag ;)

    Toko Shinoda has a lot of interesting artworks to see! It actually reminds me of many of the inspirational things I have in books and on Pinterest to make my collages. I have to search more of the work from Shinoda for more inspiration and references *_*

    And I hope you enjoyed that iced coffee!

    See you soon and thanks for the love on my blog :)


  5. Always so lovely in a kimono Akiko!


  6. What a beautiful kimono. You are a vision of beauty and elegance dear

  7. Oh this Kimono looks so good with this YSL bag, just gorgeous!!

    Allie of

  8. It is amazing that you look equally wonderful in modern and traditional outfits. A beautiful Kimono.


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