Holiday Outfits Ideas From Emily in Paris

Hi everybody! I hope you are doing well! How is your Holiday? Today, I would love to share some fashion illustrations from Emily in Paris. The 3rd season starts on 21st December, and I can’t wait!! I drew their outfits, and you might find some lovely ideas for the holiday season!

Emily is wearing these items for seeing Mindy’s show in the night. Camille wore a LBD from Saint Laurent. I love their similar silhouette. If you go out with your friend to a party, their minidoress outfits must inspire you!

Mindy's stage costume is really great every time! I love her bold and glamorous. Sometimes, she is confused by unexpected accidents, but she quickly gets herself back. When you are the main person, think of Mindy!

I am not sure that Camille wore these items when her parents came to see her from the hometown, She chose the great blazer with the shoulder bag. These are perfect items for decent style. Camille's style is always stunning, and this solid beret and Nodaleto platform pumps are so her. Vivid colored blazer always makes you uplifted!

Sylvie is wearing the black dress with the statement brooch from Dior for a presentation in her office. The brooch seems a difficulty level to style with other items, but it goes well with the dress. It is a chic and elegant host style for a home party, too.
社内プレゼンの時のシルヴィー。難易度の高そうなDiorのエンジェルブローチを、さらりと黒のドレスに合わせるおしゃれ賢者。 大人の肌見せもベストな分量。格調高いレストランからホームパーティのホストまで、幅広く対応できそうです。

Which outfit do you prefer? Which style are you inspired? When I went to a restaurant near my home, I got a bit of an idea from the Sylvie's outfit. Unfortunately, I lost my favorite big brooch in my closet, so I put a small brooch on a black dress. Can you see it?
みなさまは、どのキャラクターをお手本にしてみたいですか?わたしは近所のレストランへ行った時に、ちょっとシルヴィー風にしてみました。 大きなブローチが見つからなくて、仕方なく黒のワンピースに小さいブローチをつけてみました。見えますか?

Vin sante is a casual French and Italian restaurant. I went there on foot like Emily. I had a delicious dinner with my son, and their healthy meals from the finest ingredients were really great! I was so moved by the interior, too. The chairs and wall are made solely out of recycled paper. ヴァンサンテは、家から歩いて行けるカジュアルなフレンチ&イタリアンのレストラン。歩いて行けるところがエミリーたちみたいでしょ。 最高級の体に優しい素材を使った美味しいお料理と、建築家の坂茂さんが手掛けた環境に優しいインテリア。再生紙の筒でこんなにも素敵な椅子と壁ができるなんて驚きました。

It has been a while to have dinner at a reataurant with my family, and I was so happy. We came back home, and I noticed my brooch was disapear. I was shocked, but my son found it on the road where we walked with Goro. I felt like he told it from the Heven. Thank you for a lot of comments for Goro, and your warm messages always give me emotional support.
Anyway, I will post about lucky interior on the next blog! I have to declutter and clean my home. See you next post!

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  1. Camille'nin style very special:) thanks for your sharing...

    1. I thought you love Camille's style!! Happy holidays!

  2. I must admit Emily in Paris is a bit of a guilty pleasure. And your illustrations are just lovely. You capture the characters perfectly. LOVE this!

    Allie of

  3. Thank you for sharing these outfits ideas. I All of them can be amazing holiday outfits. And I enjoyed so much watching Emily in Paris seasons 2, I can't wait season 3.

  4. I love this series and your illustrations are super cool!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  5. Such great looks. You are so talented. Regine

  6. Black dress is always a good idea

  7. This is fantastic, I always love your posts inspired by movies and TV. Hope you're enjoying the holiday season, dear Akiko. All the best for the new year!


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