Thursday, December 20, 2018

The New National Stadium And The Tambourin Gallery

I went to the Tambourin gallery yesterday because I am selling my illustration there until the 23rd of this month. You can see the article of making of my illustration here. The gallery has two stations nearby, one is Gaienmae and the other one is Sendagaya. I always get off the Gaienmae station because there are different kinds of beautiful shops around there. This time was the first time that I got off the Sendagaya one. Near the station, we can see the The New National Stadium under constructionarchitected by Kuma Kengo for Olympic in 2010. I have been interested in his works, so I wanted to see this incomplete one. It is rare and valuable opportunity to see incomplete architecture by a great architect!

昨日はタンバリンギャラリーへ行ってきました。今月の23日まで開催中の企画展「Fantastic Days 2018」に私も出展していて、こちらで制作風景をご覧いただけます。タンバリンギャラリーの最寄駅は、外苑前駅か千駄ヶ谷駅。いつもは外苑前で降りますが、最近、隈研吾さんがとても気になるので、建築中の新国立競技場を見たくて千駄ヶ谷駅で降りることにしました。素晴らしい建築家の建築途中を生で見る事ができるなんて、夢のような体験です。

The New National Stadium looked like a very huge hedgehog, and it was beautiful, traditional, bold, modern, and down-to-earth. After having a photo shoot around there, we walked for about 15 minutes. Then we reached the Tambourin gallery! There were fantastic painted tambourins or decorated illustrations by 105 illustrators, and it seemed like I can hear tanbourin's lovely sound! I felt happy!! Speaking of my outfit, that trendy over sized coat which I got last year was so warm. I got these long boots with low heels from Manolo Blanic this summer for walking in winter. It was the first time that I wore this dress from Tibi, I forgot to put off a cover for a pull of a zipper... I chose this burgundy bag from Kate Spade for a finishing touch! There are a muffler and gloves in this shopper tote bag which Suria and I collaborated on this year. You can see about it here!

新国立競技場は、都市に突然現れた巨大な美しいハリネズミのようでした。力強くてモダンな日本の伝統美、そして地に足のついたデザイン。競技場をバックに何枚か撮影した後、15分くらい歩くとタンバリンギャラリーに着きました。 ドアを開けると、105作家によるタンバリンを使った作品が水玉のように飾られていて、それぞれの作品からクリスマスソングのタンバリンの音が聞こえてくるような気がしました。 SNS投稿の撮影もOKですので、おしゃれしてお出かけくださいね。この週末、おすすめのイベントです♡ さて、お洋服についてですが、このビッグコートは去年お買い物したHakujiのコート。ブーツは、この夏に見つけたマノロ。バーガンディのバッグはケイトです。昨日、初めて来たTibiのワンピースは、後ろのファスナーのつまみにカバーが付いたまま出かけてしまい、家に戻って着替えた時に気づきました。ダメですね。トートバッグは、Suria×Akiko Hiramatsuコラボショッパーです。それでは、みなさま、素敵な週末を♡♡♡


  1. I love your outfit! Fantastic post!
    Kisses :)

  2. Great post my blogger friend.
    Happy Christmas to you.

  3. Great outfit dear, wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  4. I so admire your talent, dear Akiko. Your illustration stands out from all the other tambourines and the bag is fantastic as well.