Monday, March 02, 2020

BV The Pouch 20 with Kimono

Hi everyone! Today's blog is about a BV bag "The Pouch 20" because I really love it! Recently I got it at Isetan department store in Shinjuku in Tokyo. The color is plaster, and it is so beautiful. A new bag makes some old items in my closet refresh. It is magical!


There were many different bags from Bottega Veneta at the department store. I was excited to see a big black bag with a bold chain, "The chain pouch" on a box at the center of the shop booth. I tried to wear it, and I looked like a great business woman in front of a mirror. Next I noticed an amazing charm! It was so small, and the size looks like a gyoza. Some fascinating bags tempted me, but I chose this "The Pouch 20". The size is perfect to style with a kimono! The color goes well with my new book. I would love to make different outfits. For example, a dark color kimono, a casual denim, a feminine long dress... Although many people are nervous by the coronavirus in Japan, a new item makes me positive. Spring almost here♡

伊勢丹のボッテガでは、新作のバッグもいっぱいで、入荷したばかりの大きなチェーンがついたザ・チェーン ポーチがセンターに飾られていました。軽くてかっこよくて、鏡で合わせてみたら仕事ができそうな人に見えましたよ。他には、餃子くらいのサイズの小さなチャームのザ・ポーチもすっごく可愛いかったです。私が選んだのは、このザ・ポーチ 20。このサイズは絶対に着物に合うと思っていましたが、今回撮影してみて予想以上の相性の良さに感動しました。新刊のカフカの本のグレーともお似合いです。ブックフェアがいろんな書店さんで開催されていますのでよかったらのぞいてみてくださいね。詳しくはこちらです。 次は、大島紬に合わせてシックなコーデにしてみたいですし、お洋服では、カジュアルなデニムスタイルや、フェミニンなロングドレスにも合いそう。世界中でウィルスが大変なことになっていますが、春に向けて何か一つ新調してみると気持ちが前向きになります♡

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  1. Nice details 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. What a lovely kimono look. I love how you styled it with the new bag. You look so beautiful and elegant. I also like the cover of that book. Such a well put together outfit.

  3. Ah yes indeed this style of bag from Bettega Veneta is big I saw it all over FW both in NY and Paris, this one is so cute and does look wonderful with your kimono, love this, thanks for posting!

    Allie of

  4. Totally love the bag and your kimono!!

    style frontier

  5. Definitely the size is perfect. I love these kind of bags.

  6. The mini pouch in white is super cute and I love your pink kimono!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. Such a cute outfit! I love wearing kimonos, they're so easy to wear and fab for layering. I hope you have a lovely weekend xo

    Gemma | Makeup Muddle

  8. I really liked the kimono. Such a delicate pink shade!

  9. Hey Akiko, this is a piece of art, like your other kimonos. I liked a lot of you styled it with a modern piece like the pouch by Bottega, can't wait to see that other things the brand is preparing, they have been on the spotlight for some months :O

    Good to see that you picked the small one in the little option, it is so delicate and it looks like a gyoza :)

    PS: Good look with the corona virus, we also have it in Spain but nothing that good hygiene habits can't beat ;)