Sunday, May 10, 2020

Perfect Trackpants From Bassike

Hello everyone! I am so happy to read your comments on the previous post. I knew that my little balcony on the third floor is interesting for you, so I tried to have a photo shoot at the other balcony on the second floor. Usually, I hang the laundry there. Artificial grass mats are laid, but I laid wood deck tiles about 10 years ago. It was too difficult to keep maintenance of them, so many mushrooms grew on the reverse of the mats.


There was a great Japanese house with a Japanese garden next door last year, but the house was demolished. Now a new building is under construction there. My flower beds barely gets sunlight, but almost flowers and trees withered. Fortunately, a loquat tree is fine. A plum tree looked a dead tree last year, but it is alive once again! Their survival show me their strong and lucky life force. Then I got today's trackpants which motivate me to survive. To be honest, I was part of the track and field club in high school, so I am fussy about trackpants. Those trackpants from Bassike has a cute rope of waist cord. The organic fabric is so comfortable. I wanted to style an elegant tank with the pants, so I cut sleeves and neckline of a T-shirt with print of my comic book.Anyway, I am interested in your favorite trackpants!


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  1. Wonderful photos as always 😊 have a lovely day 😊

  2. Great post dear!Photos are amazing !    

  3. Great photos and outfit. Your t-shirt with your art is so pretty. I like the trackpants as well. You look fabulous in this sporty styling.

  4. You look really amazing and I admire your illustration works.

    Glowyshoe's blog

  5. love this outfit, you look amazing! and the balcony looks so cozy

    style frontier

  6. You look awesome in active wear Akiko! And I love the angles of these photos.
    Hope you're having a great day!

  7. Hey Akiko! Hope you're having a good weekend so far, maybe it is Sunday in Japan yet :)

    I always love your interiors and taking for sharing a little bit of the places where you get inspired with us. I got surprised in a good way by your balcony, they are so different from the ones we have in Europe and that is pretty nice cause you can travel through this details too!

    I loved the outfit you picked, the t shirt is simple but significant and a good stretch is something that is vital in my day to day.

    PS: I do my laundry in the balcony too haha