Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sensual And Graceful Time wearing Intimissimi Bodysuit

Hello everyone! How are you? There was a spike in infections in Tokyo, so I stayed home this weekend. Lately, I feel like that I can't quickly remember what day today is because of extreme and different changes by Coronavirus, maybe. Unfortunately, I forgot about dates of Goro's shampoo twice this I decided to use iPhone App Reminder again. I was surprised that the function got better! It is like a secretary. I felt like that I work with a great male secretary, so I wore this sensual bodysuit, which were gift from Intimissimi. If you are worried someone can see your underwear through your outfit, please wear dark clothes!


I really love bodysuits because a silhouette around the waist looks so beautiful. In addition, I try to select beautiful words when I speak, and my behavior becomes graceful. It is so fantastic that I feel something beautiful in a day depending on a lingerie. For that reason, I could draw these lovely rough drawing. Next, I will select some drawing, after that I am planning to draw figure drawing of ink painting. Anyway, I think that people who love hanging art pictures in their home increase. For example, Intimissimi in Tokyo opened their gallery at Shibuya shop, and Glow fashion magazine featured my painting with kakejiku (hanging scrolls) ! I will about it on Instagram. What kind of art pieces do you like in your home? Take care and have a sensual week!


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  1. Pretty top and great photos ❤

  2. What lovely lace pieces! :)

    I find my phone calendar so helpful - otherwise I forget things easily too, haha!

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend! :) We had a nice day yesterday at the photo studio picking out some photos after our family photo shoot last week!

    Away From Blue

  3. Very nice, modern and bold styling my dear! Such a beautiful bodysuit :-)

  4. Bodysuits are so comfy and beautiful!
    I like the lace trimming on both of them.
    Stay safe!<3


  5. Adorable!! And you are so talented with drawing <3

    have a great day,


  6. This black lace bodysuit from Intimissimi is beautiful. The white pants are stunning as well. The other pieces you got are lovely as well. The right lingerie is very important. I like your art and drawings. The photo of you drawing is so cool. Such a great photo!
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. So stunning Akiko! I love the black one. Really like the lace and sheer details.
    Have a great day! <3 Radi

  8. I love bodysuits & the one you have on is gorg! I like how you kept it minimal. Gorg!

    Des |

  9. Hello Akiko, hope you're doing good and that you're staying safe despite of Corona! Oooh and thanks for checking out this blog post 🙂 Seeing your comments always make me happy :)

    Loved that you took the time to enjoy a good cup of tea, dates (those looks great) and drawing... oh but don't forget about Goro's shampoo for next time haha!


    I love these series, I saw a sneak peek on my IG and you were really good at styling these lovely pieces that could feel like the best garments to stay at home.

    I love the details that are delicate but also the way you played with your art in order to mix it with the beauty of all the garments,


  10. Love all your choices! Beautiful top! Happy Weekend! Kisses!

  11. So feminine and chic, I love the combo with those elegant pants!
    Happy August!


    My Instagram

  12. That bodysuit look amazing. I like it so much as well as how you style it.