Sunday, August 16, 2020

What to Wear Under Semi-Sheer White Maxi Skirt

Hello gorgeous! I hope you are enjoying in summer. Today's blog is about waht to wear under semi-sheer white maxi skirt. Many people answer the question, so I tried a unique test. I wore a pink long slip lingerie from ARAKS in a white maxi skirt because I am an illustrator! I wanted to see how visible the pink slip was.

みなさま、暑さに負けずお元気ですか?本日は、夏のマストアイテム、白のマキシロングスカートの透け問題について実験してみました。プロのイラストレーターとして色の透け具合をチェック。スカートの下に ARAKSのピンクのロングスリップを重ねたらどうなるのか試してみました。

I got the skirt from Jacquemus last month, and it was 80% off! I wanted to wear it most of the day, but I put up with it. When I wear a maxi skirt or kimono, I can't move easily to take care of my dog, Goro. For that reason, I selected a slip lingerie which looks like a dress. I wore it at home, and I wore the maxi skirt on it when I went out. Usually I wear a beige or white slip in a white skirt, so it was the first time I wore the pink slip. I was so excited because it looks like the color of cherry blossoms through the white skirt. The color went well with this red blouse. As a final touch, I selected this mini bag which Kate Spade Japan gifted me. I think that today's outfit is unique, colorful, and elegant. Color blocking is one of fashion trends in fall and winter 2020 - 2021. I am interested in brilliant colors of fall items. For a few months, I prefered beige, white, and black for my outfits, so some colorful items in my closet look like that they are waiting for their turn. Which items in your closet would you like to select for a starting member in this fall? Have a great and lovely week!

さて、本日のテーマのマキシスカートですが、このJACQUEMUSのスカートはセールで80%オフでした!マキシ丈はゴローのお世話や家の掃除の時にストレスを感じるので、家の中ではロングスリップにTシャツやタンクトップを重ねて過ごしています。宅急便のお兄さんや近所の方が突然いらした時は、3秒でスカートを履きます。シルクのロングスリップの下はナイトウェアのシルクショーツ。セクシー過ぎずいい感じ。ガーデニング中に呉服屋さんが突然いらしても大丈夫、かな?? 夏の白スカートには、いつもは白やベージュのロングスリップを合わせますが、ピンク色を重ねてみたら予想以上にきれいに透けて桜色になりました。ブラウスの赤色とも美しくつながっています。先日いただいた素敵なKate Spadeミニバッグを合わせてみたら、水色が涼しげなアクセントになって、上品でカラフルなコーディネイトに仕上がりました。お昼は久しぶりに鰻重のお弁当を食べてお昼寝して、のんびりできた日曜日でした。秋冬はカラーブロックがトレンドのひとつ。ここ数ヶ月、ベージュやモノトーンが多かったので、きれいな色の秋物がとても気になります。クローゼットで長い間眠っていたカラフルな靴やバッグもこの秋はスタメンを狙っているみたい。みなさまのクローゼットの選手たちの様子はどうですか?それではよい一週間を♡

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  1. интересный пост

  2. I like both sets, with white skirt its very modern :-)

  3. What beautiful looks. Your accessories may be my favorite.

  4. I love the fun sayings in your photos. Made me smile!
    The pink slip looks great!
    Have a great day Akiko!

  5. I like both of your outfits, color blocking is perfect, but white skirt is such a statement and unique piece. I can't decide which one I like more.

  6. Original outfit, as usual you are super stylish! I love that cute bag too!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  7. you look fantastic in this combo!

  8. it was such an original idea to wear a pink slip under a white sheer skirt. I also like your bag.

  9. Love your outfit, you look fabulous!


  10. Loving this skirt so much! Very interesting look dear.
    Have a great day!

  11. Hello Akiko! Hope you're enjoying this humid summer!

    Your posts are the best, really! Everytime I visit your blog I leave up with a smile because you push me to put creativity in my illustrations and in my outfits.

    I love the fact that you're using the pink + red combination, I see it is quite popular right now and I would like to try! ARAKS has really minimalistic pieces and I would love to have one! And that little lovely bag is great, good to know that you can fit your mask which is now as important like keys, phone and hand sanitizer hehe.

    Pieces for fall? Well I'm saving up for a Acne Studios musubi bag and for a Puzzle bag by Loewe. But I'll also grab some pieces at COS sales!


  12. Beautiful combo! Pink is great but this white maxi skirt looks perfect to me

  13. I like all things that you choose. Great post! 

  14. omg such cool look!!! u look pretty and love that bag

    Have a good day!!


  15. Love that pink slip! It is very versatile and can be worn together with other skirt too that makes a very unique look. Oh, and I totally love the bag! I saw it in your instagram yesterday! Overall it's a very lovely outfit! (: