Sunday, December 06, 2020

Aroma Herb Bath Salts, Intimissimi × VITAL MATERIAL "Pretty Flowers"

Hi everybody! I hope you are fine, and please take a rest if you have been not good. When I feel tired, I am very lazy watching Netflix or Amazone prime video all day! My eys and shoulder sore after I look at good looking actors for a long time. I love a massage in the bath remenbering my favorite movie scnene. Today, I am going to share beautiful bath salts with you. It is the aroma herb bath salts, Intimissimi × VITAL MATERIAL "Pretty Flowers".

みなさま、こんにちは。今週もお元気で過ごせましたでしょうか。体調を崩された方は無理なさらず、ゆっくり休んでくださいね。私も疲れがたまってきたら一日中ドラマや映画を見てだらだらしております。どんなにかっこいい人でも、見つめすぎると目、肩、腰が疲れてきますよね。そんな時は温かいお風呂に入って全身をリラックス。わたしの今、いちばんお気に入りのバスソルトは、Intimissimi × VITAL MATERIAL コラボレーション アロマハーブ バスソルト Pretty Flowersです♡

Intimissimi × VITAL MATERIAL bath salts is really lovely aroma. It is rose geranium. You can get the produt in Intimissimi stores in Japan, so it is good as a gift if you live in Japan. I love these green lingeries from Intimissimi, too! Anyway, my bathroom is old, so I got some images from Adobe Stock. I drew a girl in those pictures, and she is wearing a slip, Pretty Something. Intimissimi is an Italian brand, so I painted the famouse scene from "La dolce vita". I love Marcello Mastroianni. Who is your favorite actor? What kind of bath salts do you like? See you next week!!

ローズゼラニウムが華やかに香りる、Intimissimi × VITAL MATERIALのバスソルト。全国のIntimissimiのお店で発売中です。ギフトとしてもおすすめ。前半の写真で私が纏っているIntimissimiのグリーンのランジェリーも素敵でしょ。 さて、わが家のお風呂はお見せできるようなものではないので、Adobe Stockさんから憧れのバスルームと、ついでに夢の寝室もダウンロード購入して、 写真の中の女の子には、Pretty Something シルク スリップという名前のスリップを着せてあげました。Intimissimiはイタリアのブランドですので、イタリアのいい男、マルテロ・マストロヤンニの代表作、『甘い生活』の有名なシーンを水墨画で。みなさまのお気に入りの俳優さんもよかったら教えてくださいね!それではまた来週もお楽しみに♡

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  1. Sounds so relaxing... I need to try this product!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  2. It looks so nice, I'd like to try it!  

  3. These herb bath salts from Intimissimi seem amazing. I have to say that I love your illustrations and collages. It is great how you mix photographs with your illustrations to create interesting arty collages. I do the same thing myself sometimes. The scenes from the film are so well illustrated. I do like Italian cinema, they have some great films and actors.
    Your green slip dress is beautiful. You always look fantastic. Have a great day.

  4. Hello Akiko, I hope you're having a good December so far :)

    First of all your illustration, mixed media and scenarios are always so good to see. You're very good at communicating the allure of the product and congrats on that!

    I have seen that you have collaborated with Intimissimi in a couple of times and all you post with them is so good! Didn't know about these herb bath salts but they look like the perfect gift for someone who needs relaxation and selfcare time! That's fantastic to look new after a tiring session.

    PS: the edit of the bathroom is so nice by the way, it doesn't look like a stock photo :)

    Hey Fungi

  5. Omg love your drawings Akiko! I like floral scent kind of bath salts. Something that will make my skin smell fresh after the bath.

  6. They look like lovely salts and I really like your illustrations! So pretty and perfect with this post! :)

    Hope that your week is going well!

    Away From The Blue | Handbag Gift Guide

  7. These bath salts seems a so nice pamper to yourself!
    Beautiful photos, and I totally love your illustrations!

  8. Thank you always for your lovely comments<3
    I will visit your blog soon!
    Have a lovely day!!