Listening To The Radio With Sushi

Hi everyone! Oh, time flies. Today marks the end of Jabuary. I wore this kimono with a snowflake motif, and it is suitable for winter. I panted a lot of affodils, the I took a short break with sushi listening to the radio.

If you want to have a chat somebody, it is good to listen to the radio with a cup of tea and snack. Yoshirei started her free stream radio channel, and I feel like that I talk to her! I drew illustrations for her official HP a few years ago. Do you like to listen to the radio? Which radio channel do you like? Anyway, these sushi looks so delicious, right? I really love it from a supermarket near my home. I put sushi on three different mamezara (small dishes) for my snack time, then I tried not to overeat sushi. Do you love sushi? I hope you will have a great time on February!


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  1. Illustrations look so "simple", yet there are so many stuff behind them - inspiration, imagination, realization, etc. You are definitely one of my favourite artists ♥ ❤

    Blog de la Licorne *

  2. Such a cool idea... I love sushi! And your illustrations are always so beautiful!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  3. I like to listen to Italian radio while I work. I think it helps me to improve my Italian. You look beautiful in your kimono. Your art is amazing.
    I love eating sushi!

  4. Tomorrow I'll go to one restaurant where they served sushi, I hope they still are- there aren't many places to eat sushi in Mostar.

  5. Hello Akiko!

    How you doing?! I hope you had a nice month and that you're starting February with motivation :)

    I love to see you drawing and creating new art, you inspire me a lot with this kind of content and now I want to grab a brush and some watercolors to create some motifs... by the way you're very good at this technique!

    And sometimes I listen to the radio, sometimes to podcast, but nothing too specific. And that sushi looks so good, we have so many options here in Barcelona but I would like to try the real sushi one day in Japan :)

    PS: I spot some Tabi shoes, could it be?! Want some for me haha
    Hey Fungi

  6. I have to admit I am not an avid radio listener, I normally go for podcasts, audiobooks or some music from spotify.
    You look so elegant in this kimono! I love how obi works here so much! the color coordination is superb!
    as for your art.. it's just wow! I love the traditional water color here so much! beautiful work with canvas.
    I miss good sushi, we have places to eat it here in Moscow but it is SO far from what they serve even in combi-bento in Japan so we rare go at all. your photos made me feel SO hungry

  7. Such a great kimono on you and it sounds like a lovely relaxing afternoon! I don't listen to the radio at home but it's often on in the car :)

    And as always your illustrations are beautiful! You're such a talented painter!

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

    Away From Blue

  8. Love your look so much!! And the yellow in the painting make them so uplifting, can't wait to see more colours of spring <3


  9. The best combination Akiko. I love sushi. A friend of mine introduced me to it and now I enjoy it often. 😋

  10. Thank you for your lovely comments and your favorite radio channel and podcast!
    Enjoy February!!


  11. Your drawings are amazing, Akiko, and so is the sushi. I make some from time to time and it looks nothing like this :-)


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