Matching Outfits Winter 2021

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? It rained in Tokyo, so I stayed at home. Then I made this moodboard! Today's blog is about matching outfits this winter. My son and I wore dark naviy outer and add a little white items.

I wore this long caot from Holzweiler on two posts before, and the coat is so warm and comy! It is light, so I am not tired. This statement belt on the long coat looks a fantastic long dress . My son wore a white sweatshirt in the down jacket. Can you see my dog, Goro on the sweatshirt? I would love to make lovely items with prints of my illustrations. We had same cases with different prints of my illustrations. It is great to put a little somethi into it, for example, cards, money, earrings, and so on. The sweatshirt and case's online shop is only Japan, so I am planning to sell it on international shop. These cool masks are from Gallery 1950. When I purchased a Tapio Wirkkala glass vase at the shop, they gifted me those masks. I think that a mask is a great gift. Then matching masks can help you when you want to do matching outfits with your shy partner. He would not notice the matching outfits. Let's try to add different matching items little by little, and enjoy like Justin & Hailey Bieber!


Akiko is wearing Holzweilre coat, Bottega Beneta belt and bag, Alexander Wang boots, Gallery1950 mask, Akiko Hiramatsu case
Anji is wearing Lacoste down jacket, Uniqlo pants, Converse sneakers, Akiko Hiramatsu sweatshirt and case, Gallery1950 mask

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  1. Oh how lovely to match your looks. Yes that coat looks super warm and I LOVE how you style it with the white belt and white bag. This really takes it up a notch. You look great!

    Allie of

  2. You two are adorable and your milk white accessory are super glam!

    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  3. Such a gorgeous coat - the belt is the perfect finishing touch. Another great look!

  4. ああ、これが私のファッションスタイルです。 私は普段着に黒と白の色の組み合わせをよく使います。 素晴らしいレビューと写真をありがとう。 よろしく

  5. Great winter outfits, you both look stylish. The puffer jackets are great.

  6. I love that awesome moodboard you made Akiko. You've both got style!

  7. Great jackets! Comfortable and warm!

  8. I´ve been on a search of a jacket like that for ever!!! Looks jus great! Elegant yet warm ❤

    Blog de la Licorne *

  9. Hey Akiko!

    Really great styling, both with you and with your son showing off some of your really nice illustration props! I would like to get one with day, since the illustrated motifs look so nice.

    Loved that you included many pieces from different styles: the blue cap, that oversized jacket, the belt and the bottega purse!

    And yes I could spot Goro in the t-shirt! Goro could be featured as the next fashion icon in your site soon!

    Hey Fungi

  10. I can totally get why you wear this coat so often. it sure is comfortable. and that belt of yours: it is perfect, great accent and statement piece. love the bag as well.
    you son's outfit is so nice as well. this t-shirt is good: a dog totally reminds me of Goro!

  11. Great matching outfits. You both look fantastic!!!!


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