Statement Belt For bigger pants

Hello everyone! The temperature in spring is going up and down, so I often wear bigger blazers or jackets because I can wear a knitwear in it. I wore a cashmere cardigan in this blazer, and I took off it when I had today's photo shoot. Do you remember this beige blazer? I posted about it last month, and you can see here. I really love the blazer which gifted by FWRD. After the collaboration post on my blog, I started to really want the matching pants. I got pants in large size because there was not small and medium unfortunately... However this statement belt held the pants, and I love the shape.


Grlfrnd jacket and pants, Totem tanktop, Gucci sunglasses, Bottega Veneta belt, H&H ring, Roger Vivie shoes, Converse sneakers

I used to lose small pendants or rings, so I like to wear statement belt like jewellery. When I get bored of some of my clothes, they look different one with fascinating belt. Today I drew sixbelts which I am obssessed with.
華奢なアクセサリーをすぐ無くしてしまうし、ネックレスはからまってしまうから、ベルトのように絶対になくならない小物はジュエリー 感覚で身に付けられるデザインが好きです。ベルトはいろんなタイプのものを揃えておくと、マンネリになってきたコーデに合わせて新しい感じに魔法をかけることができます。そこで、私の頭から離れないベルトの絵も描いてみました。

1.Bottega Veneta/ 2.Manolo Blahnic/ 3.Attico/ 4.Isabel Marant/ 5.Prada/ 6.Tiffany

We can get from no.1 to no.5. No.6 is designed by Elsa Peretti. When she passed away recently, I was really sad..Her style is so great and cool. Anyway, I will post the illustration with three other belts on my instagram. I hope you will love it!! Have a great day!
1~5番は今季のベルトたち。 6番のティファニーは、先日お亡くなりになられたエルサ・ペレッティのデザイン。エルサ・ペレッティさん、かっこいいですよね。このイラストベルトは9番まで描いて正方形になったらインスタにアップする予定です。それではまた来週もお楽しみに♡

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  1. Loved your outfits style :) thanks for your sharing...

  2. Hey Akiko, hope you're having a nice week :)

    I really loved this look from the moment you shared it on Instagram Stories! I'd say I am in love with matching sets and I have one in pink for this spring, but now I want to have one in this tone too haha! Seems like the perfect suit for a casual evening or even for a meet or for an elegant dinner.

    And you did two nice combinations, one with the pink pumps and then one with the sneakers, two really good options for many occasions!

    I loved the way you drew the belts, want to do something similar! Beautiful and inspiring illustrations as usual! My favorite is the Prada Belt for that tiny bag to save the coins :)

    Hey Fungi

  3. You look stunning my dear! Beautiful belt like yours is changing everything! I also like how you added pink shoes with your set.

  4. That belt is amazing, but I also like whole suit. Color and shape are perfect for Spring days.

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  5. Hello dear Akiko! I love matching suit sets. They are so elegant and timeless. I have always loved wearing suits, even when I was a lot younger. Maybe because they used to be a part of my uniform. When I worked at airport Split, my uniform was a blue suit. When I worked as a flight attendant, my uniform was a red suit and sometimes blue when my old airline would do flights for another airline. So, you see, suits have always followed me in life. When I worked as a teacher, I also often wore suits.

    Your beige suit is wonderful. I love that oversize blazer so much. I also like how you styled those pants with a belt. You're always so chic. A statement belt can really make a difference. You wear that belt really well. I also like how you illustrated all those belts. Very pretty!!!!

  6. Such a beautiful suit! I have the same belt in black and I love it!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  7. Love the oversized blazer and that statement belt looks great with the pants - such a clever thing to do when the pants didn't come in your size! :) It is a great feature with your outfit :)

    Hope that you are having a good weekend :) Thankfully it hasn't rained as much as predicted this weekend so we have been able to enjoy time outdoors.

    Away From The Blue

  8. I love this color! Perfect outfit!

  9. That belt look so beautiful as well as whole your outfit. Thank you for inspiration.

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