Beautiful, Chic, And Perfect Comme Si Socks

Hello everyone! Thank you for your lovely comments always, and I was so glad to see many heartwarming comments to previous post about Ivana! She posted about it on her blog. I am so glad to see it, and you can see it here. Today's post is about styling with socks. It is difficult to style with them for me, but lately I have been enjoying with beautiful Comme Si socks.

みなさま、こんにちは。いつも嬉しいコメントありがとうございます。前回の投稿をIvanaのブログでも紹介していただいたので、よかったらみてくださいね。こちらです。さて、本日のテーマは春の靴下コーデです。実はね、靴下コーデはあまり得意ではなかったんですけど、ハイグレードなComme Siのソックスのおかげで上達してきました。

Comme Si socks have really beautiful colors and high quarity. Last March, I saw an article about them on Tory Daily, and It was the first time I knew them. I was so excited by their beautiful socks with beautiful color. I can’t decide which colors, so I ordered 5 sets and pink 100% cashmere socks! They were so great, and I was really satisfied them. When I get a perfect item, I love to think about the best outfit in my whole life. How about you? Comme Si socks motivated me to sketch for the best outfit with the socks, and I applied more real colors to some outfit photos by Photoshop. Today’s outfit is one of them. I haven’t ever seen such beautiful white socks! These Valentino shoes from 2018 or 2019 collection look like that they got their first shining back. In addition, we could take lovely photos of this tote bag and this T-shirt which Anji is wearing with prints of my illustrations for Line stickers. They are from my new online shop, and it is probably opened next month. Anyway, I would love to tell you about Comme Si socks more. What kind of socks do you like? I hope you have a lovely day with your favorite socks<3

Comme Siのソックスは選ぶのに迷ってしまうほど世界一きれいな色ばかり。そして最高品質。去年の3月に、いつも楽しみにしているTory DailyでComme Siのことを初めて知りました。きれいな色、パーフェクトなデザイン、迷って決められなかったので嬉しい5足セットを注文。それと、ピンクの100%カシミアソックスも。靴下に絶望したことは多いけど、こんなに感激したことは生まれてはじめて。最高のアイテムを手に入れた時って、絶対に着こなしたい!って思いませんか。苦手な靴下コーデを克服するために、何枚もスタイリングスケッチを描きました。さらにPhotoshopを使って今まで撮影したスナップ写真に靴下を合成。がんばりました。本日はその中の1つ、ホワイトソックスコーデです。履き慣れたヴァレンテイノのフラットシューズも真っ白なソックスで輝きを取り戻しました。さらに、来月オープン予定の私のLINEスタンプ、ラブ&ゴージャスの商品撮影もいい写真が撮れたんですよ。靴下でこんなにいろんなことがうまくいくなんて!それでは来週もお楽しみに♡

Celine jacket, Toteme tank top, Levi's jeans, Comme Si socks, Valentino shoes, Kate Spade bag, H&H pendant, Love & Gorgeous tote bag

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  1. Oh there are lots of fun ways to style socks. And socks with strappy shoes is even trending. These sound like they are super comfy and love how you styled them.

    Allie of

  2. Hey Akiko! Hope you're enjoying the first bits of spring in Tokyo!

    So good that you are collaborating with this brand! I didn't know Comme Si but they make really wonderful and lovely options for the daily life, and the colors are some of my favorite since they can also be matched with my clothes!

    I need to check this brand, as you I try to pick colorful option to matching with neutral or sometimes to match color with color :) It depends.

    PS: So happy to see that you are supporting Ivana's art!

    All the best and enjoy the weekend!

    Hey Fungi

  3. So pretty, Akiko!
    Cute socks and lovely outfit!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  4. These socks are so chic. I love how you styled them with flats and jeans. The tote bag with your illustration is beautiful.
    I love the new look of your site!

  5. These socks make this outfit look extra stylish. I love all the photos!
    Ahhhh Akiko I can't believe you're planning to draw me. I can't wait to see your finished illustration.

  6. Thanks for the beautiful post!

    Have a nice day)  

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments<3 Have a great day!!



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