Lovely Pink Hat From Jacquemus

Hello everybody! The sunshine is getting strong in Tokyo. How is your place? Today, I am going to write about a hat!

Last month, I purchased this lovely hat on Jacquemus online shop! They have different colors, so I couldn't decide which colors for a while. I ordered the pink one because pink is one of my motivating colors. I also love the wavy brim of the hat! Whenever I wear the hat, I can do gardening though I am no a gardening person. My sister tagught me gardening, for example, plant food and transplant. I also drew the last illustration and tooked a photo like this! After that, those high heels turned into these white sneakers which are the lightest shoes in Converse history! I really love the beautiful sneakers, and I didn't need to have a heavy tote bag. I hope you will get an idea from today's outfit in summer!! See you next week!


Jonathan simkhai top, Jacquemus skirt and hat, Bottega Veneta sandals and bag, Convers sneakers

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  1. Love the sitting poses Akiko and the pretty outfit looks.
    Have a wonderful day! ❤ Radi

  2. That hat is so beautiful as well as your outfits. I like how you style it. You look gorgeous.

  3. Gdy usłyszę słowo Tokio, będę myślał o Tobie. :)

  4. I absolutely love the hat! I need it in my life too. pink is a great color, you definitely can not go wrong with it.
    Cheers to pants styling too

  5. That blue top is beautiful on you and I like the heels with it! they are such fun pants and such a cute bucket hat! I like the pink with the blue :)

    Hope you are having a good day :)

    Away From The Blue

  6. I love the outfit and accessories Super amazing artwork too Cris

  7. Hey Akiko, I hope you had a pleasant week and happy weekend!!! I imagine it is already night in Tokyo so enjoy :)

    I loved this illustration when I saw it on Instagram, it is really your style and I loved that the girl in the portrait is thinking about anthuriums, one of my favorite flowers *_*

    And now talking about that hat it is such a precious item with a gorgeous color, wouldn't mind to have one maybe in blue! Jacquemus has the prettiest accessories!

    Enjoy the weekend and thanks for your constant support!


  8. In France also was a little bit of good weather, but now its raining ;-) You look stunning in this styling my dear.I love your blue high heels.I had no idea that you are a grandmother, I am also a grandmother, I have a granddaughter who was born the day before my son, which is one year old :-D

  9. Super cute hat, you are so pretty and stylish Akiko!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  10. Oh what a GREAT hat! This Jaquemus hat is to die for and looks great on you. And your illustrations featuring it, are just lovely.

    Allie of

  11. This is such a beautiful outfit Akiko. The pink hat is wonderful. It is great it inspires you to do gardening. I love your illustration so much. The photos you took in that pose are so cool. I like your outfit with both heels and sneakers. Have a great day ahead!

  12. Nice choice !  Looks awesome!   

  13. That pink hat is gorgeous, but also your skirt is such a statement piece.


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