Sunday, May 24, 2020

Unique Board Game, "Karesansui"

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Lift a state of emergency is coming soon in Tokyo. I took photos for this blog at home again, so I noticed any dirts and decorated around corners. It is good to keep clean at home! This room used to be my bed room, but now it is my son's room when he comes home from his wife's home. We are really into a board game, "Karesansui", which is called "a rock garden" or "a zen garden". Before I explain the game, I would love to share my new YouTube channel with you! I wrote scripts, and you can watch my speed drawing here!

みなさま、こんにちは。東京の緊急事態宣言の解除も近づいてきました。家の中でのブログ撮影が続くと、掃除が行き届いていないところやコーナーのディスプレイにも気を使えるようになってよかったです。 さて、本日の撮影部屋は、以前は私の寝室、今は時々帰ってくる息子の部屋。私たちは今、『枯山水』というボードゲームにはまっているんですよ。あ、その前にお知らせです。「昭子のはやがきチャレンジ」第三弾ができました。そちらもよかったらお楽しみくださいませ。

This board game, "Karesansui" is unique. Players are Zen priests, and they compete for gain virtue and making a “Wabi-sabi” garden. “Wabi-sabi” is a Japanese aesthetic concept. They can know about golden ratio and beautiful composition making zen gardens. It is difficult to explain about "gain virtue", but they can learn about it from the game! What is your favorite board game? Next, I would love to explain today's kimono outfit. This obi (a kimono belt) is from Mrs R. I posted about a kimono from her, and you can see it here! The obi is embroidered cobwebs, and I styled a snail obi-dome (a kimono broach) with the obi. The snail looks like that he is walking a tightrope, doesn't he? This blue mask is made by my cousin, and my sister altered the size for me. I wore some beautiful presents, so I was so happy all day long! Lastly, I recommend a great Japanese movie, "Ten Black Women". I really love some kimono styles by beautiful actresses. The story is interesting and timeless. I have the DVD and I saw many times. It is curious that my feeling was different every time. You can see the movie's trailer here! I hope you have a great time this week!


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  1. Wow, you look beautiful in a kimono :).
    I like board games (I play chess).
    I saw your video, but I didn't understand a word :D.

  2. What a nice post 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  3. Hey Akiko!

    Your blog posts always put a smile on my face and you lift up my mood, thanks for all your content and for keeping up the creative vibes!

    This is the first time I hear about Karesansui, but it caught my attention because the game is so aesthetic by itself and now I would like to play, I'll ask my friend who lives in Japan about it to know if she have played it :)

    I also love your pieces in this blog post, the face mask is so aesthetic and I have one with print too, yours look stylish!

    And excited to see more content on youtube from you!

    PS: thanks for the comment about the Tabi shoes!


  4. Board game looks so interesting! I need to check it if they have it here.
    I am super impressed with your obi: it looks fantastic, the pattern reminds me of spider web. The snail is super cute, I totally didn't expect it

  5. What a beautiful obi and that mask is a fun print - it's nice you have something like that if you have to wear a mask! :) I haven't heard of that game before either, it looks interesting!

    Hope you are having a great week :)

    Away From Blue

  6. Thanks for the beautiful post!

    Have a nice day)    

  7. Very nice pictures, cool game too ❤

  8. Oh this game looks so interesting Akiko!
    I've seen this movie... it was amazing!

  9. Wow this is the first time I heard about the Karesansui game. So glad to learn a new thing today. You look so gorgeous with the kimono! I really like the colour and that obi. And I'm glad to know that the state emergency in Japan will be lifted very soon. I hope you are well! I honestly can't wait to be back visiting Japan again.

    Have a great weekend
    style frontier

  10. What a beautiful kimono. I love the spider obi as well. The mask is lovely too. Nice presents.

    The Karesansui game sounds fascinating, I'd love to try it. Your home looks beautiful.